12-Foot 'Family Bed' Is for When Your Kids Refuse to Sleep | 22 Words

When you're a child, your parent's bed can sometimes feel like the comfiest place in the world. Snuggled up with mom or dad can make all of those horrific nightmares and frightening demons disappear.

However, for many parents, every time their child crawls in, it means there's less space for them to get their own beauty rest. Online, parents have been complaining about this very issue.

This can sometimes mean parents aren't just sharing with their spouses or partners, but with kids and even sometimes their furry friends. This can sometimes mean you become the outcast of your own bed, clinging on like Mufasa to the edge of the mattress.

Well, be worried no longer, as there's a bed which is perfect for parents with a little monster who likes to curl up with them at night, and it's twelve feet long.

Yep! You heard us right, there is a bed that has been made to comfortably fit you and your entire family which won't leave you battling for the sheets.

According to Bedding Mart "The Family Bed XL" is designed for extreme comfort for the entire family. The unique size of 84" x 144" x 13" makes this twelve-foot wide mattress perfect for multiple sleepers, including fur babies!

"This amazing mattress uses luxurious materials that provide the perfect sleeping experience. This also includes cooling gels and supportive memory foams allowing the maximum comfort available.

"The Twelve Foot Family Bed is ideal for the perfect movie night with adjustable friendly options."

PowerBedz: Bedding Mart

And you'll have to take a wild guess at what this monstrous bed must cost - nope, no idea? Well for this extra-large option, you will have to fork over nearly $4000.

However, PowerBedz, who made the mattress, gives the customer several options: You can buy just the mattress, or you can also buy it with a foundation. They also have adjustable bases, too.

The adjustable base includes a wireless remote, so you can customize the bed to the perfect height and elevation. Customers have said that this is perfect for when you want to prop yourself up in bed and settle down for a movie.

Unfortunately, the price tag is for the mattress only - all the fantastic add-ons and features only make it more expensive. However, for some extra space and comfort, maybe you'll think it's worth it.

And I know what you're thinking - what about the bedsheets? There's no way you'll be able to fit a normal size sheet on a bed of this size! Well don't worry, they have that covered, with custom sheets available.

The bed currently has a five-star review, with numerous customers raving about the product online, saying how it's the perfect size for a family who always end up struggling for space.

Well, the oversized bed went viral online with many pointing out that while it may be a little strange for grown families to sleep in the same bed, it could be excellent for families with young children. Will you be buying?