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Handy gadgets are my favorite products to find on Amazon because I know they can be life-changing, even if they're the simplest things! Anything that helps adulting, parenting or working easier is a winner in my book, you just have to know where to find them. Good thing I love scouring Amazon for genius gadgets you've never seen before. To that end, I compiled this list of 30 of the handiest gadgets on Amazon to help you get by with a little help from your gadget friends, whether you need to open an impossible jar or manage your cables better.

From the smartest alarm clock to a way to keep your bananas fresher for so much longer, I've rounded up the gadgets you need for living your best life in every way.

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This Wooden Clock Tells You The Temp

Do you like data? Then you're going to love this wooden clock that also tells you the temperature and humidity in the room! The sleek design looks classy in any room, but it'd be especially nice as an alarm clock bedside. It even lets you set weekday mode which means your alarm only rings Monday through Friday so you don't have to remember to turn it off on the weekends. "View

These Shoe Organizers Really Save Space

If I had a quarter for every time my husband told me I have too many shoes... Well, now I can make it look like I only have half the amount with these shoe organizers that reduce storage space since they stack vertically. They adjust to fit everything from sneakers to your highest heels. There's also a rubber grip on the surface so your shoes won't slip off and make a jumbled mess, they stay perfectly organized and in place! "View

This Sink Saver Is Configurable

We have a white porcelain sink and I'm always worried it's going to get chipped by silverware or heavy glassware getting dropped into it by the kids. This sink saver is just what I need for peace of mind - it's configurable around your drain so will fit most any sink, and provides a protective layer between your dishes and your sink surface. "View

This Magnetic Knife Rack Saves Space

Instead of taking up valuable counter space with a bulky wooden knife block, try this slim magnetic knife rack that saves so much space. It also looks super sleek and modern on your countertop since it'll be on display all the time! Plus, it's easier to pick the knife you want since you can see them all at a glance. "View

These Plastic Pliers Prevent Smashed Fingers

Without fail every time I go to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, I smash my fingers by accident. That's why these plastic pliers are a genius invention since they hold the nail for you and keep your poor fingers out of the way! These would be useful for all kinds of DIY house projects, too. "View

This Battery Case Holds It All

Our junk drawer is filled with a jumble of batteries in all shapes and sizes which makes it hard to find exactly what you're looking for in an emergency, like when the TV remote dies. This battery storage case solves that problem neatly and efficiently since it has a space for each individual battery. You can see your supply all at once so you know when it's time to restock, and you'll be able to find what you need in a snap. "View

This Electric Broom Is So Handy

One chore I hate more than cleaning the toilet is vacuuming the stairs. It's so hard to get the bulky vacuum up them without tripping myself or dropping it down the stairs, it's just really inconvenient. But this electric broom is the perfect solution! It's convertible from a bagless stick vacuum to a compact version to a handheld so you can use it all over the house. And the price is unbelievable for such a handy tool! "View

This Shower Organizer Is Key

We currently have one of those over the shower head organizers, but I'm always worried it will strain the pipes since it's so loaded with products. This shower organizer that sticks on with super-strong adhesive is a much safer solution. There's still room for all your bottles and even a hook to store your razors, and there's no danger of an expensive plumbing snafu. Oh, and it's got over 3,000 stellar reviews! "View

This Cap Washer Goes In The Dishwasher

Is your baseball hat getting a little grody from head sweat? Mine sure is, but it's formed perfectly right now and I'm scared to wash it and have to start over again. But that wouldn't be a problem if I used this hat washer which can go right in the dishwasher to clean it, then lets you air dry all while keeping the shape. "View

This Cheese Grater Has Built-In Storage

We love cheese in this house, but I don't love how much of a mess it makes when grating it. So I was super happy to find this cheese grater with built-in storage that catches whatever you've grated. So much less mess to clean up on the counters! This would work brilliantly for carrots, too, which I love to grate for salads. "View

This Banana Hanger Prevents Bruises

My husband loves bananas but won't eat them if there's even a hint of a bruise anywhere on the skin. And of course, sitting in our fruit bowl, just the weight of the bananas themselves is enough to cause minor discoloration and squishy spots - so perfectly good bananas get relegated to the freezer for banana bread. This banana hanger would solve that problem quickly - since the bananas are hanging, much like they do in their natural growing state, there are no pressure bruises, just perfectly ripe, yellow B-A-N-A-N-A-S. "View

These Spatula Tongs Are Genius

Ok, these spatula tongs may look weird, but they're a genius invention, I promise. You can easily flip meat with them since you have a good grip thanks to the tong part, but the meat won't fall apart due to the spatula's wide base. The center part also locks into place into the spatula so you can use it as a regular turner, too. "View

This Page Pal Helps Hold Your Book

Holding books open can be a challenge, especially if you don't want to use two hands. One needs the other hand available for such things as wine and snacks, yes? This Page Pal wooden gadget is the solution - it uses only the pressure of your thumb to hold open even the thickest hardbacks with ease. You can even get them customized for a really thoughtful present for your favorite bookworm!


This Water Filter Adds Electrolytes

I love my little spin bike since it helps me get such a great, sweaty workout, but I don't like drinking sports drinks to replenish my electrolytes because of the extra calories. Problem solved - this water filter slips right into your water bottle and alkalinizes your water, plus adds electrolytes, no sugary sports drink necessary! It also lasts for 750 water refills, so it's only four cents every time you fill up your bottle. "View

This Aromatherapy Stick Helps You Sleep

I need all the help I can get to fall asleep, so I was psyched to find this Sleep Well aromatherapy stick that you just rub on your wrists for instant relaxation. It's scented with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang for a delicious scent that sends me off to dreamland fast. I like not having to take a pill to help me sleep and going the natural route instead. "View

This Mug Warmer Is So Smart

I never get to drink my tea while it's still warm, there's always something (or someone) pulling my attention away until I finally remember my now-cold brew. This mug warmer is going on my wishlist since it keeps beverages warm for as long as your mug's sitting on it. It has a smart gravity switch that can tell when something's resting on it, so you don't have to worry about it accidentally turning on. Plus it turns itself off after four hours so you don't have to remember to do it! "View

This Makeup Mirror Comes With An Organizer

Those big magnifying mirrors are so convenient for seeing close-ups for applying makeup finishing touches, but they take up so much room! Not anymore, this little LED lighted makeup mirror is so compact, and even comes with its own cosmetics organizer to hold it up. It has high-tech touch sensor dimming, so you can see yourself in multiple light levels and is portable so you can do your makeup anywhere. It's got over 1,000 rave reviews, too! "View

This Cable Wrangler Changed My Life

I plug my phone in next to my bed every night to charge but as soon as I unplug it, the cable slides off the nightstand onto the floor, where I have to retrieve it from the next time I want to charge. This cable wrangler changed all that - it magnetically holds your cable in place so there's no more slipping! I use it on my nightstand overnight, then on my desk to manage cables there. So convenient! "View

This Travel Steamer Is Super Powerful

As someone who hates to iron, this travel steamer is a game changer for me. It's just as powerful as full-sized ones, and is only a big taller than a phone so it's so easy to pack or store at home. It's big enough to hold water for 15 minutes of steaming, too, so more than enough time to get the job done. And get this - it's got 18,588 glowing reviews to back it up! "View

This Omelet Maker Serves Up Breakfast For Two

We often resort to "breakfast for dinner" around here when mama's tired of meal planning, and this dual omelet maker is just what's needed to feed a crowd. My kids like only cheese in theirs and my husband like lots of veggies, so with this plug-in omelet maker, we can make both at once with no extra pans to clean up! Since the eggs touch the heated surface on both sides, there's no need to flip - simple enough for the kids to use gets high marks in my book (and over 2,000 other fans judging by the rave reviews). "View

This Laundry Sorter Is So Handy

Getting the kids to put their own laundry in the right bins is a chore, so we got this easy-to-use one that has labels right on the laundry sorter. It couldn't be simpler for them to separate into dark, colors and lights, or for me when I go to wash the different loads - I just pull out whatever's in that storage bin and throw it in the machine. I love that it's slim and compact too, so it fits in our small bathroom easily. "View

This Percussion Back Massager Works Like A Dream

I've got a backache and tight shoulders pretty much all the time since I'm slouching at a computer for most of the day. Since I can't afford daily massages from a professional, I got the next best thing. This percussion massager works out the kinks easily and quickly, and it's not too heavy that my hand's ready to fall off by the end. It comes with three sets of removable massage heads so you can really customize it to your needs, too, whether you're using it on your back, legs or feet. "View

This Potato Peeler Is Super Fast

We recently went apple and peach picking and had so much my husband wanted to make some pies. But before us was a mountain of fruit that needed to be peeled - a daunting task indeed. (Have you ever tried to hand-peel a peach? 1/10 - do not recommend). This Rotato Peeler is good for all kinds of fruit and veg, and does the job a heck of a lot more efficiently than you can by hand. Great for when you're making pies or large batches of mashed potatoes for family dinners. Or just if your kids hate apple skin. "View

This Meat Marinator Is Super Speedy

I love the taste of marinated meat, but always forget to prepare it a few hours ahead so it can soak in. Not a problem with this vacuum-sealed rapid marinator that only takes 20 minutes to marinate! The vacuum sealer opens up the pores of the meat so the marinade soaks in so fast. Perfect for forgetful Joneses like me. "View

These Bed Risers Have Plugs

Want a way to gain more underbed storage while at the same time making it super easy to plug in any devices bedside? These bed risers are what you need - they're perfect for dorms or anywhere you need some extra storage space, and the plugs make them super useful. Right now I've got an extension cord running across the floor to charge my phone at night but with these, you can just plug right into your bed! So convenient. "View

These Headphones Really Stay In

These are marketed as gaming headphones, but really they're great for everyone. They really stay in your ears thanks to the customization - they come with three pairs of silicone inner rings, small, medium and large, to make sure you get the perfect fit. Plus there's a built-in mic if you use them for Zoom calls or classwork. They'd be ideal for remote schooling if your kid hates bulky headphones, too. "View

This Luggage Tracker Is So Smart

Waiting around a crowded baggage carousel trying to catch a glimpse of your bag as it whizzes by is no fun for anyone. With this luggage tracker, you'll get a notification on your phone as soon as your luggage gets onto the belt so you'll know exactly when you need to go claim it. Plus, if you forget your bag anywhere, the tracker tells you the last known location so you can easily be reunited with it! So smart. "View

This Bluetooth Speaker Is So Portable, Powerful

We were looking for a small bluetooth speaker to use around the house and came across this Oontz Angle Solo. It's the little brother of the larger one that has over 80,000 rave reviews, and this newer one's holding its own with 8,000 great ratings and counting. The sound is surprisingly powerful for such a small speaker, and it's easily portable all over the house since it takes up basically no room. "View

This Car Fan Is A Life-Saver

My kids complain they're always dying of heatstroke in the back seat even when the A/C is on full-blast, so I'm getting some of these car fans ASAP. The fans can rotate 360 degrees so they'll cool the backseat with ease, and it just plugs right  into a 12V cigarette lighter. Great for kids or pets who overheat on summer days while you're driving! "View

This Jar Opener Is So Easy

Without fail, at least once a week I am stymied by a super tight lid on something that I can't pry off for the life of me. This jar opener is the solution - it has slots for small, medium and large jars and grips the lid with flexible silicone grooves to really get some purchase. These are key for when there's not another adult home to help me with the jars! Great for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel or other hand issues as well. "View