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Fall is right around the corner, which means that it is finally time to update your wardrobe! In this ever-changing fashion world, brands sometimes have a hard time keeping up with what's trendy. Never fear, Amazon has all the cute fall clothing we are looking to buy next season. Think all things sweaters, leggings, and comfy sweatpants. Athleisure is always in, isn't it?

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Fall can be a tricky season to dress for. In the mornings it's super cold and you need layers on layers, but sometimes in the afternoon things heat up and that cozy scarf just isn't cutting it anymore. Since autumn is a transition season, layering is going to be your best friend. That said, Amazon has some cozy fall clothes that won't break the bank, and are super fashionable to boot. Plus, you can wear these clothing items all year round, making them staples in your wardrobe.

Everyone Needs a Good Denim Jacket

If you don't already have a denim jacket in your closet, what are you waiting for? Fall is all about layers, and denim jackets are a great staple piece. You can leave them on, throw them over your shoulder, or tie them around your waist. The possibilities are endless!

The One With the Overall Dress

The 90s' are back, baby! That includes overalls in every size, shape, and color. You will feel amazing in these cute overall dresses that are perfect for fall. Not too hot, not too cold, and can be layered with pretty much anything.

Two-Piece SweatSuits are In

Feeling too lazy to put together a full outfit, but still want to look cute? These two-piece sweatsuits on Amazon are everything you need and more. Not only are the sweatsuits comfortable, but they look amazing and you can pair them with any kind of shoe or accessory to dress them up or down. What's not to love?

Off the Shoulder Sweaters Are Always the Move

Off the shoulder sweaters are a must-have for fall! When you think about fall you probably think about being cozy, and that's what makes the sweaters so great. You can style them up or down, and even go out for a night on the town. You know, if you want.

The Best Time to Wear A Striped Sweater, is All the Time

Speaking of sweaters, they really are the best part of fall fashion! That said, finding a sweater that uniquely expresses your style is the key to enhancing your wardrobe. That's why you can't go wrong with a cozy, colorful, striped sweater.

Let's Get Cardigan Crazy

Cardigans are a fall staple, that's for sure. Since you need to be thinking layers during the autumn seasons, cardigans are perfect to throw on top of a cute outfit and take off if it gets a little warmer during the day. Cozy and fashion-forward!

Dress for Success!

Dresses are one of the easiest ways to throw an outfit together, especially during a transition season like fall. Add layers to this dress, accessorize, make it your own! With a simple dress like this, you can do pretty much anything to it to make it your own, even throwing some leggings on underneath to keep yourself warm during the autumn chill.

Scarfs for Days

You didn't think we'd make a fall fashion list and not include a scarf, did you? Scarfs are always in style for fall because they go with our major theme: layers. Warm yourself up during a crisp fall day, and take the scarf off if you get a little too hot! Versatile and always in style.

Pumpkin Shirt for the Pumpkin Patch

While it may seem a little silly, we had to include a Pumpkin Shirt on the list! Perfect to celebrate fall and pair with some cute jeans and sneakers. Going to the pumpkin patch? This shirt will be a cute addition to any outfit during fall activities and is too cute to pass up.

Soft Pants are a Sure Thing

Soft pants like these are a must have for really any time of year. You can dress them up with a nice blouse or throw on a sweatshirt and call it a day. Fall is all about being comfortable and cozy, embrace it!

Pencil Pants Party

Pencil pants are always in style, and perfect for fall! You can wear these to work or out on the town, and they are light enough where you'll be a comfortable temperature no matter where you are. Not to mention, pencil pants are super cute, too.

A Knit Hoodie, Just for You

You know by now fall is all about layers, but how can you stand out from the crowd? This cute Knit Hoodie adds a little kick to the zip up hoodie style. It's super cute, comfortable, and will keep you warm when you need it most.

Everyone Needs Some Cozy Socks

Cozy socks are a must-have all times of the year, but especially during the colder months. Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up with a soft blanket and your favorite pair of cozy socks! These are versatile too, so you can wear them with any shoes to keep your feet warm and clean.

Joggers, Even if You Don't Jog

Even if you are not into jogging or running, joggers are perfect pants to buy for fall. Why? Because they keep you nice and comfy, warm, and are perfect for a fall Sunday laying around the house. What more could you ask for?

You Can't Go Wrong With a Great Sports Bra

Everyone needs a good sports bra, especially in the fall when we want to be our comfiest! This sports bra will leave you feeling supported and comfortable, and can be worn to work out or just to lounge. Either way, a good sports bra is perfect for fall (and any time of year, really.)

All Things Fleece

Fleece is probably one of the biggest parts of fall, because it's so warm! When you get cold in that chilly autumn air, throw on this warm fleece jacket and your life will be forever changed. Okay, maybe that's not true, but it certainly does help!

Light Knit Sweater Vibes

Sometimes, a really thick sweater is a little too hot for fall. Thus, we introduce you to the light knit sweater! This sweater will keep you warm when you need it, but you won't start to sweat if it warms up throughout the day. The perfect addition to your wall wardrobe!

Tunic Tuesdays, Anyone?

Tunic shirts are back in style! Not only are they super cozy and perfect for colder weather, they add something special to your closet you may not have had before. If you're looking to change up your style, you can't go wrong with this tunic.

Back(less) to Basics

Everyone needs a basic black or solid-colored sweater in their fall wardrobe. Look no further than this backless sweater! Not only is it adorable, but it'll keep you nice and comfortable throughout your autumn day. Style it any which way you want.

Skinny Jeans Are Always in Style

If you're a millennial, you probably know by now that skinny jeans are always the move. If not, welcome! Skinny jeans are perfect for fall and can be paired with your favorite sweater and sneakers. They are flattering and will keep you warm! ‚Äč

The Cute Blouse You Never Knew You Needed

This cute High-Low Blouse is perfect for fall. Pair it with a denim jacket and leggings and you are good to go! It's a great piece for an inside-the-office day or a pumpkin patch visit, making it perfect just for you.

Thrive in This Two-Piece Set

Two-piece sets are back in style, and we are living for it! Thrive in this cute set, complete with the comfiest top and pants. Fall is all about coziness, and these two-piece sets really pack that punch. You can't go wrong!

Leopard Print in Back, Baby!

Have you noticed that animal print has been making a come back? 2002 called, and they are here for it. That said, this Leopard Print sweater is the perfect unique fashion item for your wardrobe this fall. It's subtle, yet still a piece that expresses your style. We love to see it!

Leggings, but With a Twist

Everyone loves a good pair of leggings, because they are so comfortable and most definitely are pants. With these leggings, no one would even know they were leggings! They are so cute and can be styled all sorts of ways to make you feel confident and comfortable - a must have for fall.

Boho Vibes for Fall

Even if boho style isn't your thing, this blouse is cute for everyone! It's lightweight, so when the weather warms up during the day you won't find yourself needing to change into something cooler. Plus, this top can be styled in all kinds of ways, adding a little pop of color into your life!

You're Cute Jeans

Fall is definitely the time of year when the denim comes out! These cute jeans are perfect for fall activities like pumpkin patches, hay rides, and more. If you need some new denim in your life, check these out!

A Bra That's Also a Shirt

Just like leggings are pants, sometimes sports bras can be shirts! Pair this with your favorite leggings and cardigan, and you'll have a pretty cute fall outfit. Maybe not to wear to the office, but definitely around town. Let your creativity shine through and find a sports bra that's right for you!

Opaque Tights that Keep You Warm

If you find yourself wanting to wear a short dress or maybe your pants aren't keeping you the warmest, look no further than these amazing opaque tights. You can grab them in multiple colors to add any kind of pop to your outfit! Remember: layering extends to your legs too during the fall months.

Cowgirl... Socks?

Boots are always in style during the fall months, and one trend that is absolutely adorable is having your socks poke out the top of the boots. These Cowgirl Socks will keep your legs warm and your style hot. What more could you want?

L-O-Vee Cardigan

This Vee Cardigan has more of a professional feel. Thus, you can wear it to work as part of your layering fall fashion and take it off when you get warm. Or button it up! The choice is yours, and you'll look amazing while choosing it.

Waffle Knit V-Neck for Your Wednesday

This Waffle Knit V-Neck is a perfect layer for your fall style. You can dress it up or down, and put on something under it if you need to take it off later. Plus, it's super cozy!

The Perfect Jacket

If you are looking for the perfect light weight jacket, Amazon has got you covered. This jacket will keep you warm, break wind, and compliment your style. Fall gets chilly in a lot of places around the world, and this jacket will be a staple piece in your closet for years to come.

Sometimes, You Just Need a Good T-Shirt

A good t-shirt can sometimes be the thing that saves the day. During colder months, you can throw a jacket over a good tee like these, and your outfit is complete! Everyone deserves a couple of staple shirts in their life.

These Boots Were Made for Walking...

Fall is the best time of year to look for some new boots! They keep you styling and profiling, while also pretty warm as it gets cooler outside. These boots were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do...

Time to get Cozy with These Slippers!

Autumn is all about getting cozy and comfortable, that's no secret. However, these comfy shoes are perfect for a crisp fall day, staying inside drinking tea and watching scary movies. Are we wrong?

You Won't Fall Flat in These Flats

These flats are super alluring and fashionable! You can wear them with any kind of outfit, and they are the perfect accessory to pair with a sweater or jeans - making them an excellent choice for fall.

Speaking of Flats...

As we said before, flats are always in style! Especially flats made of leather, like these here. Leather flats are sturdy, and can be worn all year round with any kind of outfit. Thus, these leather flats are a staple piece in your wardrobe and an amazing pick for your fall festivities.