I love when I find a new product that solves an annoying problem in a creative, innovative way. Or, maybe it just is a twist on an old standby that makes it that much more clever. We use so many different gadgets and products every day, and a few well conceived innovations can make all the little every day things you do a bit more convenient.

With the right product, you've suddenly solved a problem you might not have realized you had. Certainly, most gadgets don't meet the standard of "genius," but when one does, and it's affordable, it definitely belongs in your life.

We've collected 37 genius gadgets that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Cut Some of the Fat Out With This Easy Greasy Strainer

You're cooking up a big batch of tacos. After browning your ground beef, you want to strain off all that excess fat. What do you do? Do you pour it into a strainer in your sink even though you know that all that grease is a plumbing disaster waiting to happen? Next time, try this Easy Greasy Strainer which is tailor made for the task. The strainer sits in a bowl that catches all the grease, leaving your pipes perfect.

If You Want a No-Bounce Sports Bra Experience, Look No Further Than the Buband No-Bounce Bra Support

Worn over your regular sports bra, the Buband Extra Bra Support seriously locks the girls down for a true no bounce experience no matter your size or how high impact your sport is. Selected Review:
This thing is weird, but amazing! I'm a 34 DDD... so finding bras isn't exactly easy in the first place. To run, I usually wear two sports bras and then an athletic top with a built in shelf bra...I've been on one run with the buband, and it was awesome! - Helen Rizzi

Protect Your Cabinets From Steam With the The Steam Boss

The Steam Boss solves a common insta-pot problem. Selected Review:
We have the standard particle board/ veneer kitchen cabinets in our kitchen, and while we LOVE our instant pot, we didn't love how the steam would vent directly into the underside of said cabinets... With the steam boss, it's not a concern or a worry. Steam is vented away from the cabinets in any direction we choose. It cleans up easily and is easy to use. 10/10 would (and do) recommend this. - TheJohnston7

Improve Your Mental Focus and Clear Your Head (Literally) With a Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler

This is essentially the aromatherapy equivalent of shouting "SERENITY NOW!" Do you need that calming blend STAT? Instead of waiting around while your essential oils slowly diffuse in the air around you, just deliver them directly into your nose with this Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler. The vapor will open your airways and the burst of aromatherapy will wake you up and snap your brain into focus.

Keep Track of Your Family's Symptoms and Meds With This Smart Digital Thermometer

It's hard having a sick kid. It's harder having more than one, and damn near impossible when you are also sick. Who had what temperature? What time did she take medicine? This Smart Digital Thermometer helps you keep tabs on all those details. You'll have a record of previous temperatures, recommendations for what to do next, and medication reminders all at your fingertips on your smartphone.

This Ice Scraper Mitt Makes All Other Ice Scrapers Look Dumb

Ice happens. Freezing, chapped hands don't have to. While winter certainly means ice and snow that needs removal, it doesn't necessarily have to mean freezing cold hands while doing it. This waterproof, fleece lined Ice Scraper Mitt is the only ice scraper that makes any sense. This handy mitt will keep your hand toasty warm and completely dry next time you need to scrape ice and snow off your car. Why would any ice scraper not have a warm and waterproof protective mitt for your hand? It makes perfect gift for anyone living in a cold, snowy climate.

Keep a Pack of Body Wipes on Hand and You Will Always be Fresh and Clean

Sweat happens. Sometimes we expect to be able to run home to take a shower, but things have run late and there is no time anymore. Or maybe you just worked out and then you have a meet cute on the street and you think you might be falling in love but OMG you smell bad! Unpredictable situations arise where not smelling bad would be ideal. So keep a pack of these Body Wipes on hand, and you'll always be prepared.

Bottle Bright is One of Those Products You Have to See to Believe

A product that actually does exactly what it promises? Amazing! If you regularly use a water bottle or thermos, you should clean it with Bottle Bright. Selected Review:
Finished using it 5 minutes ago and it’s the best... Initially I was disappointed when I dumped the water, as it was barely tinged brown. Then I put fresh water in, covered the top, shook it, and OMG. The crap that came out was disgusting, yet fascinating. I looked in the thermos and saw almost nothing but sparkly silver... All clean! - BranchingOut

I'd Like to Meet the Genius Who Designed This Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

What if you lived in a magical world where your bowls were edible and delicious? This isn't a Willy Wonka fantasy, it's just life with this Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker. Selected Review:
Okay seriously, this thing is AWESOME. I got it in the afternoon and immediately used it to make waffle bowls that night for dinner. And the next morning for breakfast. And then for lunch. And then for dinner. - J3

For Well Under $10, You Can Keep Track of All of Your Passwords With This Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer for All Your Passwords and Shit

With its cheeky, irreverent name, the Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer for All Your Passwords and Shit actually does exactly what it says it does. This is the perfect gift for your sweary friend or relative who has a hard time keeping track of this sort of thing. Selected Review:
This is awesome I bought it for my mom because she can't remember her passwords for the life of her haha i think shes going to get a kick out of it!! It has nice large lettering so she can probably see it without her glasses. It has great space to write down all the info you need to remember!!! - Cristy-ann Latulippe

Every Car Should Have Headrest Hooks

We've all been there: you slam on your brakes and your purse, which had been sitting on your passenger seat, goes flying onto the floor. Naturally it wasn't closed properly and the contents have spilled out everywhere. Never lose the contents of your purse again with these handy Headrest Hooks. Of course, the hooks can be used to hang other things - like your groceries, jacket, kid's bag... It can also be turned around so that you can hang things on the front side of your passenger seat if you mostly drive solo.

Caffeinated Mints Might Just be the Innovation of Our Lifetime

Kill your post-lunch breath and your post-lunch fatigue in one fell swoop. With 40mg of caffeine in each little mint, these Caffeinated Mints are perfect in every single way. Two mints contain as much caffeine as your average cup of brewed coffee. With 5 flavors to choose from including chocolate mint, cinnamon, spearmint, wintergreen and peppermint your afternoon slump doesn't stand a chance.

With Just Water This Makeup Remover Cloth Cleans Away All Your Makeup

Some nights the very idea of washing off the day's makeup seems too exhausting to even contemplate. It's OK. There is an easier way to condense your nighttime skincare regimen. This Makeup Remover Cloth wipes away makeup, dirt, and sunscreen with just water, making it the easiest choice ever for those nights when you just can't. Take a few of these cloths when you travel and leave your messy, hard to transport facial cleansers at home.

Connect Your Device to Any Car's Audio System With a Bluetooth Car Kit

Stream your music and podcasts and enjoy hands free calling even if your car isn't Bluetooth enabled with this Bluetooth Car Kit. Selected Review:
I got this to play music through my iphone 6 plus and it works great, really happy to not have to plus in that aux cord all the time. I can get out of the car, and get back in after going to a store and my music will start playing as soon as i turn the soundbot back on. - SM

This Giant Cupcake Pan Will Definitely Amaze and Delight at Every Party

This Giant Cupcake Pan not only makes a mega sized cupcake, practically guaranteed to delight and impress, it also lets you make Food TV worthy magic center cakes which will up your cake game a lot. This is a real thing: some kids don't like cake, but they do like cupcakes. Yes, this defies all logic and reason, but it's true nonetheless. Even without that tidbit of childish insanity, a giant cupcake is about 1000 times more fun and exciting than a regular old cake.

Soothe Your Tired, Puffy Eyes and Find Some Migraine Relief With This Compression Eye Mask

This Compression Eye Mask conforms to your face and eyes and completely blocks out the light. The malleable ergobeads inside provide relaxing and tension relieving compression to your sinuses while still giving your eyes plenty of space. The eye mask feels cool against your skin even at room temperature, but you can up the ante by placing it in the freezer, even for just 10 minutes.

Turn That Impossible to Use Towards the End Pump Bottle Into a Smart Inverted Squeeze Bottle With the Zero Waste Cap

You know the deal. You have a bottle of lotion that still has a ton of lotion way down at the bottom, but not enough for the pump thingy to work. URG! This Zero Waste Cap screws on in place of the now useless pump. You keep your bottle upside down, allowing gravity to do its job. And voila! Days and days of lotion from your handy new squeeze bottle.

The Bath Overflow Drain Cover Effectively Raises the Level of Your Bathwater

No one ever says, "I'd really like a shallow bath." That's because deeper is better. A shallow bath is honestly just a shower with extra steps. When it comes to baths, you want as much of your body to be under the water as possible. But our tubs are built with a pesky safety measure, which might be great for staving off floods, but doesn't help in the deep bath department. And so some genius bather invented the Bath Overflow Drain Cover.

No Need To Put Permanent Holes in Your Walls With These Magnetic Poster and Picture Hangers

These Magnetic Poster and Picture Hangers are a clever solution to an old problem. Maybe you change your mind a lot about your wall decor. Maybe you rent and aren't supposed to damage the walls, or maybe you just don't want a million holes in your walls. Whatever your reason for not wanting to use nails, tacks, or traditional picture hangers, these magnetic hangers are a perfect alternative. Simply stick a magnetic, non-damaging, totally removable adhesive sticker to your wall, cover it with your poster or picture, and place the attractive dot magnet on the front side.

Easily Make Your Lights Automatic With This Motion Sensor Light Switch

Everyone has that one room where the light switch isn't right where you need it, so you fumble around in the dark until you find the switch. Wouldn't it be great if your room knew you came in and turned the lights on for you? Replace your light switch with this Motion Sensor Light Switch and it can! No more elbow light switching when your hands are full!

Create More Closet Space Out of Thin Air With the Wonder Hanger Max

Prepare to be amazed by how much space the Wonder Hanger Max can save you! The genius contraption works quite simply: hang up all your clothes in the designated slots, you can even double up, then take the second hook off the bar, and, voila! The hangar collapses all your clothes into a neat, tiny parcel! Now picture your closet full of these babies. It's a beautiful sight. Just don't let it fool you into thinking you need to go shopping to fill all that extra space.

Stop Spending a Fortune on Replacement Charging Cables By Using Cable Protectors

These flexible silicone Cable Protectors are your defense against the scourge of our time: busted charging cables. Until manufacturers realize that charging cables need to be durable enough to last as long as the devices they charge, we consumers need solutions. These little coils wrap around the base of the connector and the first bit of the cable, preventing your cable from bending right at its weakest point where it's most likely to break. "Find

Women Everywhere Rejoice at Finally Being Able Get Dressed Up Without Help Thanks to This Zipper Puller

Selected Review:
Ladies! Ever wish you could bring your favorite dress on a trip, but you can't get it zipped without help? Ever felt trapped in a dress because your other half is coming home late? Ever not been able to REACH just far enough? This [Zipper Puller] perfectly addresses all of those situations. And - this is important- for all zipper types - including those tiny little solid zippers that don't have a hook... For years, I've dreamed of inventing this product, of finding this product- here it is! - Stacy

This Portable Door Lock Gives You an Extra Layer of Security When You Travel

Perfect for dorms, hotels, short term rentals, apartments, or anywhere else you want an added layer of security. The Addalock Portable Door Lock installs in any door that opens inwards, making it impossible to open the door. No tools are needed and installation and removal takes seconds, or less. As this makes it impossible for a door to be opened from the outside, Addalock is a good option for schools or offices for lock downs.

This Drawer Organizer for Cutlery is a Space Saving Maverick

This Drawer Organizer for Cutlery is a game changer when it comes to effective storage solutions. Selected Review:
I have a tiny kitchen with only 3 drawers, so space is at a premium...so this organizer is a godsend. You can fit quite a few spoons etc. in each slot. My beater attachments fit perfectly into the top two hollows...You NEED this if you have a small kitchen with few drawers! - mialro

No Matter How Often You Play With This 3-D Holograph Toy, You Will Always Find it Confounding

Place a small object of your choosing, or the little frog that's included, into the mirrored bowl and replace the lid. Then be amazed and confused. And ready to grab at the object that suddenly appears to be sitting on top of this 3-D Holograph Toy. Kids will think you're magic. Coworkers will try to figure it out. You will win at life because you have the coolest toy.

For the Perfect Day Pack for Travel, Look No Further Than This Waterproof Crossbody Pack

The unique design of this Waterproof Crossbody Pack allows you to wear it across your back, across your chest, or comfortably over one shoulder. And while it looks compact and sits close to your body, it holds a surprising amount, so you can keep everything you need for your day on hand. Wearing the bag across your chest gives you easy access to what you need - think of all the times you have to get your tickets and passport out while going through an airport - and keeps would-be pick pockets away.

This Mini Travel Steam Iron Packs a Punch Even Though it's Tiny

They thought of everything a traveller might need when they designed this Mini Travel Steam Iron. It takes up almost no room, weighs under a pound, and works with both 100 and 240 volt power supplies so you can take it anywhere in the world. Beyond its travel potential, quilters and crafters love it because it heats up fast and can get into those little spaces easily.

These Compression Arch Sleeves Give Your Feet Support Even When Your Shoes Don't

Ever notice how all the great looking shoes have no arch support at all? If you're one of the millions of people who forgo those cute shoes in favor of more foot-responsible styles, then you definitely have noticed that. These Compression Arch Sleeves give you that needed arch support so you can wear any shoes! Wear these with socks or without, and slip your feet into whatever shoes you want.

It's Really No Wonder That We're Starting to See Silicone Wedding Rings More and More

Just because you're getting married doesn't mean you suddenly have to wear expensive jewelry. At least it doesn't anymore thanks to the advent and proliferation of these super stylish, crazy comfortable, and ridiculously inexpensive Silicone Wedding Rings. And while I don't recommend looking up "degloving" if you don't already know what it is, for those that do know and work the types of jobs where this is a risk, these silicone bands are a life saver. (Or at least a finger saver.)

With This Sturdy Handle Silicone Muffin Pan You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Silicone is terrific for non-stick baking, and so store shelves are full of a variety of silicone kitchen gadgets. But silicone baking pans and trays are floppy and flexible, making handling them difficult. This Sturdy Handle Silicone Muffin Pan solves that problem. The pan is reinforced with metal boning, giving it the sturdy structure of a regular muffin pan, with the ease and non-stick wonderfulness of a silicone muffin pan. Brilliant!

Trips to the Laundry Room are Much Easier With This Backpack Laundry Bag

Whether you live in a dorm or apartment and have to use a common laundry room, or you do your laundry at a local laundromat, you find yourself hauling your wardrobe from place to place. Maybe you use a basket, which leaves your laundry open to the elements and curious glances, or you stuff it into a bag which is cumbersome to carry. Upgrade your laundry vessel with one of these Backpack Laundry Bags. Made from thick, durable nylon and equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, this bag will make doing laundry a little less terrible.

This Flame Effect Light Bulb Looks Like the Real Thing

This is so cool. This lightbulb flickers and glows like a real flame. You can use it inside or outside, on it's own or inside a light fixture. But the coolest thing about the Flame Effect Light Bulb is that the "fire" changes orientation automatically as the bulb changes orientation. The flame effect is one of three modes this fancy lightbulb offers. It can be a regular old light, a light that "breathes" by slowly fading on and off, or a light that looks like a freaking fire. Coolest.Bulb.Ever.

This Waterproof, Portable, Foldable Silicone Keyboard is a Game Changer

If you want a stealthy keyboard, this is it. This Foldable Silicone Keyboard is completely silent when you type, making it perfect for classrooms or libraries. Plus, it rolls up, which is super cool. Selected Review:
I travel a lot and hate using the laptop keyboard. This keyboard rolls up and fits into the pocket of my laptop case, it's roughly the size of a pc mouse when rolled up! The placement of the letters are exactly that of a keyboard and it works great.- Milinda

Don't Underestimate This Tiny But Mighty Cordless Keyboard Vacuum

This tiny Cordless Keyboard Vacuum is the little vacuum that could. Selected Review:
Didn't expect much from this little guy. Im happily surprised though. The charge has held for a week now and I'm using it every day, the suction once the motor get to top speed is nothing less than impressive. I've yet to not be able to pick up something I'm trying to clean. Don't hesitate is all I can say because it works. - Robert Brooks

Keep Your Shoes Dry and Smelling Sweet With This Electric Shoe Dryer

You go for a run in the rain, or your kids play in the snow, or you accidentally step off the curb into a deep, freezing puddle - there are a million ways to get wet shoes, but not many great ways to dry them quickly. This plug in Shoe Dryer fits easily into most shoes and provides 360° of steady controlled heat to ensure your shoes are dry in no time. They also work great for drying out those wet winter gloves!

Keep Your Cash Safe With This Hidden Money Pocket Belt

If you can have spy level gadgets, you should have spy level gadgets. This Hidden Money Pocket Belt is the sneakiest belt we've ever seen. Not only will this belt keep your paper currency safe from thieves and pick pockets, but it doesn't trip metal detectors so you don't even have to take it off in the airport, making it the best travel belt ever!

The DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray is a Winner For Kids and Parents Alike

I'm pretty excited about this find and am adding it to my list of go to gifts for toddlers and little kids. Turn meal time into game time by luring your picky eater through the track towards the covered treat at the end. You've got to get through all those healthy bites first with the DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray. A plate that ends meal time battles with picky eaters? YES PLEASE!

Take the Struggle Out of Opening Jars With This Stainless Steel Jar Opener

Made with seniors and people with arthritis in mind, this Stainless Steel Jar Opener takes all the work out of opening even the most stubborn jars. Selected Review:
I have severe arthritis in my fingers and have a terrible time to open jars and there is no one else here I can ask to help me. This jar opener actually opened the lid I have the hardest problem with. I've tried it on several jars now and it works each time. - Peggy Darling

For the Clearest Skin of Your Life, Try These Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment Face Wipes

Apple cider vinegar has long been recognized for it's health and beauty applications, and now it's super easy to use with these Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment Face Wipes. Selected Review:
I workout a lot and am always on the go (work, kids, life). These wipes are amazing. My acne prone skin has been the most clear and the individualized packets ensure the wipes stay moist. I pack a few in my workout bag, car, and purse. They have not dried out my skin either. Bonus for me that they're made in the US. - Elizabeth Olson

For Undies That Stay Put No Matter What, You Need Edgies Hipster Underwear

How many pairs of underwear have you bought that seemed perfectly comfortable until you, you know, moved? The holy grail of women's underwear is a pair that stays put, fits comfortably, and creates no VPL, ammiright, ladies? Edgies Hipster Underwear are that holy grail. Lightweight, breathable, and, with that little silicone strip that runs along the outer edge, these babies aren't going to budge no matter what.

Make More Space With These Travel Space Saver Bags

You don't need your closets and suitcases to be three times bigger, instead, just make your stuff three times smaller with these Travel Space Saver Bags. Selected Review:
These were life savers! We took a 10 day trip to Europe and were able to pack only in a carry on using these... I packed all my under garments, 5 dresses, 4 jeans, multiple blouses, 3 pairs of shorts and a few other pieces of clothes. And still has room for my shoes. - Amazon Customer

This Retractable Drying Rack Folds Up and Fits in a Drawer

Why have a drying rack take up precious counter space when you can have this Retractable Drying Rack that you can collapse and put away when not in use instead? Use it for glasses, water bottles (even the skinny necked ones), or baby bottles. We use ours mostly for our reusable snack and lunch bags. Then we just fold it up and put it away in the same drawer as the bags. It's brilliant!

If You Need a Space to Hang Clothes That Disappears When Not in Use, Then You're Looking For This Retractable Clothes Drying Rack

This Retractable Clothes Drying Rack is one of the most well reviewed products on Amazon. Customers who have it, love it. Selected Review:
Oh my gosh!! This is AWESOME!!! I got 2 of these and since our laundry room is on the smaller size, this works perfectly to hang up some items right out of the dryer or after ironing and also for any items that don’t go into the dryer and need to hang dry. Then you just fold them to the wall after you are done :) - Kim McNamara

This $7 Tool Will Save You SO Much Frustration

It's called the Scrigit, and it'll remove dried food, wax, grime, adhesive labels, and so much more, without leaving a scratch. These simple things are wildly popular on Amazon, and while you could probably make a rough approximation of one with something sitting around the house, for at $7 for a pack of two, is it really worth your time?

Keep That Spare Roll Handy With This Over The Tank 2 Roll Toilet Paper Holder

Whether or not you're the only one who ever thinks to change the roll, it's nice to have the next roll handy. Never be caught out with no TP in reach again with this Over The Tank Toilet Paper Holder. It cleverly hangs off the side of your toilet tank and unobtrusively stores your active roll, and the next roll. It's a great alternative to wall mounted holders or free standing floor holders. Perfect for small bathrooms.

This Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket is Your New Favorite Travel Accessory

Maintaining the exact right temperature is challenging in the best of times, but near impossible on planes, trains, and automobiles. Also difficult while on vacation where you might be out from early morning until night with varying outdoor conditions and a limited wardrobe. Well, have I got a scarf for you! This cute and clever Infinity Scarf has a little hidden zipper pocket which is perfect for a little cash, your chapstick, or your ear buds. And it's soft, just the right weight for those in between seasons, and machine washable.

Turn Your Backseat Into a First Class Travel Cabin With This Back Seat Organizer

If you've got a road trip planned with back seat passengers, do everyone a favor and get yourself these Back Seat Organizers. The adjustable straps ensure a good fit in any car, and all those pockets mean your rear passengers will have everything they could possibly need within arms reach. Let them be entertained, and have their drinks, snacks, toys and books at their disposal so you can concentrate on the road.

Watch Your Phone Receive the Power With This Light Up Led Charging Cable

Wouldn't it be cool to watch the current go into your phone as it's plugged in getting charged? This Light Up Led Charging Cable practically lets you do just that. The lights flow towards your phone as the battery charges. They then slow down as your phone's battery approaches a full charge, and then turn off when you're at 100%. Why not make charging cables more fun?

These Moso Purifying Bags Are The Only Kind Of Charcoal You'll Actually WANT In Your Stocking

Moso's cornered the activated charcoal market, and for good reason. Their simple, top-quality bags veritably drink in odors of all kinds, from nasty feet, to spoiled chicken. And all through the power of activated charcoal.

This Ultra-Cheap Can Colander Just Makes So Much Sense

Why did I just discover this?

These Cheap and Effective Cable Clips

Stick these little bad boys on your desk at home or at work and your life will instantly transform. No more getting down on the ground scrounging around for your charger.

The Popular Tivolo Pancake Pen Will Upgrade Your Pancake Game Immediately

Now THIS is how you pancake.

This Tomorrow's Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean(er)

Because there's a better place to put that sauce-covered spoon than your previously clean countertop.

The Mighty Handle Triples Your Lifting Power

Anything that minimizes my grocery-carrying trips between the car and the house, I'm on board for.

This Handy Magnetic Wristband

There's nothing worse than stopping a project to search for that crucial screw or nail. Well, with the MagnoGrip, you'll have all your necessary hardware close at hand (er, wrist).

Using These Dirt Cheap Drain Snakes Will Both Disgust And Fascinate You

When you first snake your drain, you might gag. Then you're gonna wonder where all that hair came from. Then you're gonna be so happy you spent $5 instead of calling in a plumber. Then you still might gag. Then you'll move right on to the next drain.

This Bed Band That Prevent The Dreaded Sheet Slip

Who can get any sleep when your sheets are constantly slipping off? These brilliant "bed bands" eliminate that problem so you can finally catch some Z's.

These Moso Purifying Bags Apparently Have Odor-Killing Superpowers

Thousands of reviewers tout the powers of these bags of activated charcoal, specifically highlighting their abilities to freshen truly nasty old shoes, or even drink up the odorrific remnants of spoiled milk inside a minivan.

Stop Resenting Your Pets: Clean Up Their Hair From Anywhere For Under $20

The all-rubber construction of the FURremover Broom not only lends to its long-term durability, but also its multi-use utility as a fur-gathering sweeper, and a pee-pushing squeegee. It'll keep your carpets fur-free and your hardwood unstained, so you can love your pets in all their messy glory without (too much) resentment.

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

Throw out those dryer sheets and fabric softener. These solid wool balls are a wildly popular solution for soft and static-free clothes.

These Harperton Nail Clippers Will Be The Last Ones You Ever Buy

If you haven't tried a REAL pair of nail clippers, trust me, you need to. It's a completely different (and far superior) experience from those $2 clippers.

The Magnogrip Keeps Screws And Nails Right Where You Need Them

With around 10,000 positive reviews, the MagGrip is hands-down the most-loved (and best-selling) phone holder on Amazon. Just add a thin magnet to the back of your phone, and it'll stick like glue to the MagGrip mount. Seriously, people are obsessed with this thing.

This ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf That You'll Want In Every Room

Why don't all outlets have shelves?