This Carbonator Reduces Your Single Bottle Usage By 3,000 Per Year | 22 Words
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Popularity isn't everything. But despite what every K-12 teacher has told you, it kind of does matter — especially when you're shopping online. If you had the choice between a product with six reviews, versus one with 6,000 reviews, which would you pick? And sure, I've taken more than a few chances on some real unpopular products. But it generally ends in either a return, or me adding yet another piece of dust-gathering crap to my home — that's why I've started sticking to the trendy stuff I can find on Amazon. With thousands of positive reviews, the trending products I've gathered for you below are all certified "Worth It!" by certified Amazon shoppers. I've also made sure to include a little something for everybody — from wireless phone chargers, to seat belts designed to keep your dog safe in the car. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for some of the top-trending gadgets you can find on Amazon!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Gadget Charges Your Phone — No Wires Required

The next time your phone needs some more power, just put it down on this charger. It's completely wireless — so there's no need to find a lightning or micro-USB cable for your phone. Plus, it'll even work with AirPods.

A Cooling Fan You Can Wear Around Your Neck

I'm literally wearing this neck fan as I type this. It's great for when my apartment gets way hot, but I don't want to spend money on running the air conditioning. And since it features three different wind speeds, you can easily adjust how much breeze is coming your way.

This Spray Locks Your Makeup in All Night Long

Tired of your foundation dripping down your face when you get hot? Just give your makeup a few spritzes of this setting spray, and it'll lock in your look all night long. But personally? I'll even use it when I'm not wearing any makeup, as the formula is completely matte — which means it helps keep your face from getting shiny.

This Ear Pick Lets You See Exactly Where You're Cleaning

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When your ears are so clogged you're having trouble hearing, just grab this pick. Not only will it help you scoop out any clumps, but there's also a camera built into the tip. That's right — just connect it to your smartphone, and you'll be able to see exactly where that last little bit of earwax is.

A Receiver That Adds Bluetooth to Your Car

Even if your car is straight out of 1985, you can still stream music wirelessly from your phone using this receiver. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter — and with two USB ports, you can even charge multiple devices at the same time. The best part? There's even a built-in microphone to let you answer calls handsfree.

This Power Inverter Lets You Use Regular Outlets in the Car

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Ever wish you could just plug your laptop in while you're driving? Now you can with this power inverter. With two outlets and four USB ports, it's got enough space to charge practically every gadget in your car — and still have space left over. Plus, the tough metal exterior keeps it safe from bumps in the road.

This Hub Adds Four USB Ports to Your Computer

If your laptop doesn't have enough USB ports for all your devices, just plug this hub in. It adds four USB ports to any computer, and each port even has a corresponding switch so that you can turn them on and off. That means you don't have to unplug your phone just to disconnect it — and each one even offers high-speed data transfer capabilities.

A Portable Charger to Combat Weak Phone Battery

I hold off on upgrading my phone as long as I possibly can — which means my battery life is generally pretty bad. Luckily, this portable charger has kept my phone going. It's small and slim, making it easy to pack away into your bag. Plus, it's so powerful that it can charge an iPhone 8 more than two times!

This Little Camera Adds Security to Any Room

Having a professional alarm system installed can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars — whereas this little camera little camera is available for less than $40. You can set it so that it sends alerts to your smartphone when it detects motion, or even pair it with Alexa so that you can control it using voice commands.

This Pest Control System Will Save You Money

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Don't waste money on calling the exterminator — keep those bugs out of your house in the first place with this pest control system. It's safe to use all over your house, and the potent formula is even effective against stubborn roaches. But if that isn't enough? I'll let the reviewers take it from here. "The roaches I had were unapologetic," one explains. "No big spray could ever do what this stuff did...after they all died (it took 3 days), I haven't seen a roach ever since. It's been three months now."

This Clothes Steamer Melts Away the Wrinkles

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There hasn't been a single time I've ever opened my suitcase to find freshly-pressed clothes — they're always wrinkled. That's why I always bring this steamer with me when I'm traveling. Wrinkles effortlessly melt away after just a few seconds of steam, and you can even use it to sanitize questionable hotel surfaces.

This Magic Bullet Blender Comes with Interchangeable Blades, Cups & More

Guacamole, salsa, smoothies, marinades — if you can think of it, this magic bullet blender can probably whip it up in just a few seconds. Each order comes with interchangeable blades, allowing you to adjust how finely-chopped your ingredients blend. Plus, you also get a variety of blending jars, including ones that transform into to-go cups.

This Damp Rid Bag Absorbs Moisture from Damp Closets

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Got a closet that smells a bit musty? Not a problem when you've got these Damp Rid bags. Just hang it up in any damp closet, and it'll quickly absorb all that excess moisture so that the air is left smelling refreshed. And since each order comes with three, there's enough for nearly every closet in the house!

This Steam Cleaner Powers Through the Toughest Jobs

Got some grimy tile that could use a deep clean? This steam shot using ultra-hot water to power through all sorts of stubborn dirt — without needing any help from harsh cleaners. It only takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and each order even comes with tools to help you clean grout.

These Electrified Rackets are a Fun Way to Kill Bugs

The next time there's a mosquito flying around your head, just give one of these electrified rackets a swing through the air. If you make contact, you'll hear a zzzzzt! sound when the bug gets zapped — and from personal experience? It makes hunting down flying pests way, way more fun than it should be.

These Waterproof Pouches Keep Your Phone High and Dry

Keep your phone inside one of these waterproof pouches the next time you go for a dip in the pool. Not only will they keep your phone dry, but they're also large enough to hold keys, cash, cards, and more. Personally, they're an absolute must-have whenever I go to Vegas in the summer, or whenever I'm out kayaking.

This Gadget Brews Deliciously Fresh Iced Tea

It doesn't matter whether you have loose tea leaves or bags — this machine can still brew a deliciously fresh pitcher of iced tea in just a few minutes. It automatically turns itself off once it's done brewing, and reviewers loved how easy it is to use. "It fits well in my tiny kitchen," one explains. "I use it to help me reduce drinking diet soda...using it is also easy; much more convenient than making brewed tea with a hot water kettle."

This Carbonator Reduces Your Single Bottle Usage By 3,000 Per Year

I used to go through cans and cans of diet soda — to the point where it was actually kind of gross. But now? I'm still drinking a ton of soda, but I'm saving money doing it with this soda stream. The best part is that you don't even have to make soda — you can just use it to make seltzer the next time you're tired of drinking plain water.

This Dashboard Magnetic Mount for Handsfree Driving

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Using your phone while driving is an easy way to get into an accident — so stick it to this mount instead. Each order comes with two magnet patches so that you can you can use it with two different phones, and it's universally compatible with nearly any model. Plus, you can even rotate it a full 360 degrees to adjust the viewing angle.

These Lights Bring the Party to Your Car

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Ever wonder how that Uber driver wired his car to look like a nightclub? They probably did it with this lighting kit. The LED strips are lined with adhesive so that it's easy to stick them wherever you like — and you can even use the downloadable smartphone app to change their color. "Has various different modes you can set including sensitivity to music," wrote one reviewer. "Very satisfied!"

This Steering Wheel Table is No Fuss Eating or Laptop Working in Your Car

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Sometimes you just need a quick bite to eat while you're on the road — and this table makes it easy to eat in the car with minimal mess. It's designed to hook onto pretty much any steering wheel, while the slim profile allows you to easily stash it in the pocket behind your seat.

A Pair of Seatbelts for Your Fur Babies

You always wear a seatbelt while you're driving, but what about your dog? Enter: this doggy seatbelt. It's made from tough nylon that won't tear in the event of an accident, while the elastic portion gives your pup some leeway on sharp turns. Oh, and did I mention you get a collapsible dog bowl with every order?

This Sous Vide Immersion Cooker Costs Less Than $50

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Most sous vides cost over $100 — but not this one. Not only can you grab it for less than $50, but the reviews certify that it works just as well as the more expensive versions. "When I first learned about the Sous Vide cooking technique, I couldn't justify spending the $$ on an Anova or Joule," explains one reviewer. "I made a grilled herb chicken dinner for six the other day, and EVERYONE loved your $$ and get this!"

This Curling Iron Lets You Do So Many Salon Styles at Home

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With six interchangeable heating barrels to choose from, this curling iron lets you style your hair into gorgeous waves, tight curls, and everything in-between. Each heating barrel is coated with sleek ceramic, which helps lock in style without creating frizz — and the temperature is even adjustable up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

These Dispensers Take the Worry Out of Feeding Your Pets

I'll admit it: sometimes I forget to feed my dog. I mean, I always remember eventually — but if I had these dispensers, my pup would be able to eat to his little heart's delight without me having to remember anything. Plus, reviewers raved about how easy it is to clean both the bottle, and the feeding bowl.

A Shocking Game That Doesn't Hold Any Punches

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Looking for something that's sure to shake up your weekly game night? Have everybody grab onto one of these handles, then press the button in the center. Countdown music will start playing, raising the tension in the room until — someone suddenly gets ZAPPED! And if you aren't into getting shocked? You can always lower its strength for a more mild experience.

A Waterproof Camera That's Perfect Summer Fun for Kids

Giving your kids an expensive camera probably isn't the best idea — unless it's this rugged one. Not only is it waterproof, but it's also housed in a protective case that helps keep it damage-free when dropped. Plus, the rechargeable battery even lasts for up to two hours of continuous recording time.

A Camera That Lets You Check In On Your Pets

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Ever wonder what your pets are doing while you're away? Now you can find out using this camera. Two-way audio even lets you talk to your pets remotely — and the night vision view means you can also see in the dark.

This Backseat Pet Lounge That Every Car Needs

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I consider this backseat pet lounge a total must-have for any car. For starters, it keeps your seat clean of pet hair — and it also saves the upholstery from any scratches. The waterproof material can handle accidents, while the non-slip back means your pet won't go slipping and sliding with every turn.

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse with Five Programmable Buttons

With five programmable buttons embedded into this gaming mouse, it's easier than ever to crush your opponents when you're playing online. It's also been tested to ensure that it can handle up to 10 million clicks — and each order comes with a two-year warranty. Besides, when was the last time you found a high-quality gaming mouse for less than $50?

This Headphone Stand With Built-In USB Ports

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Need somewhere to keep your headphones? This stand mounts underneath your desk so that they're always safely tucked away — and it even features three USB ports for you to charge your devices. And if you're worried about installation? Don't be — each order comes with sticky adhesive so that it's easy to put wherever you like.

These Bracelets Help You Survive in an Emergency

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The next time you're out camping in the wilderness, make sure you've got these bracelets packed with you. If you're ever caught in an emergency, they unravel into 12 feet of military-grade paracord — and they even feature a piece of flint steel you can use to start a fire.

This USB Clock Helps You Cool Off

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Is it a fan? A clock? Wrong — it's both! This little clock fan plugs right into any USB port, helping you keep cool when working at your desk. And since it's made with a flexible gooseneck, you can easily point it in any direction you please.

A Smart Speaker That Fits Into Tight Spaces

Play music, set timers, turn on lights, adjust thermostats — with this little smart speaker, you can unlock an entire world of smart home capabilities. It's compatible with voice commands, which means you can control it from across the room without having to get up. Plus, it's small enough to fit into tight spaces.

This Miniature Fridge You Can Take With You

You can keep this miniature fridge on your desk at work, or even take it with you on long car rides. It comes with adapters that let you plug it into your cigarette lighter — and there's even enough space inside for an entire six-pack of standard cans. Plus, you can also use it to heat up cold meals.

These Reusable Food Bags Are Seriously Durable

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Leakproof and reusable, these food bags are a total upgrade from those wasteful plastic baggies you've likely got in your kitchen. They're also leakproof, which means you can use them for sous vide — and they're even heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Melting isn't going to be a problem.

The Spice Rack You Can Hang On Fridges and Walls

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Since these spice jars are magnetic, you can easily stick them to your fridge for safekeeping. Or, if you like a sleek and clear fridge, they even come with a magnetic plate that lets you mount them to a wall. And since it's made from stainless steel, don't even think about it becoming rusty.