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I think it's about time that I admit something: I am an Amazon addict. I find myself browsing for things that I don't need far too often. There's nothing better than getting packages dropped off on your doorstep, right? It feels like Christmas year-round! I'd like to consider myself a pretty on-trend person, but I don't like spending the money on trends that I know are going to fade in a year. That's why I'm always scouting Amazon for seasonal items that aren't going to break the bank.

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From camping gear to swimsuits to backyard furniture, I've bought it all this summer. So next time you're perusing the magical world that is Amazon for summer goodies, consider cooling off with one of these 37 picks that I can't get enough of.

This Inflatable Pool Has Helped Me Stay Cool In The AZ Heat

While there are many advantages to living in Arizona, the biggest downside is how hot it can get. Having a pool is crucial during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, we don't have one at home, so I went and bought this inflatable pool instead. It's big enough to fit me, my boyfriend, and our two corgis perfectly, plus it keeps us from overheating in the blistering sun. I can't recommend it enough.

This Portable Fan Is A Literal Lifesaver

I recently purchased this handheld fan for an upcoming trip to Florida but decided to start using it before I go. All I have to say is wow. This thing is a total gamechanger for those hot afternoons when you just can't seem to cool down. It's great for days at the park, sports games, amusement parks, or walks around the neighborhood.

These Sunglasses Went Viral On Instagram For A Reason

I'm not kidding when I say I've seen about 20+ influencers with these sunglasses. And I am a very easily persuaded person, so you can bet I got my hands on some. For less than $16, you get two pairs of glasses that are totally old school in the best way possible. They're such an easy way to accessorize an outfit while still offering protection from the sun.

I Never Want To Take Off This Sweat Set

​I try to avoid spending too much time on Amazon because I know myself well enough to know that I can spend a lot of money in very little time. So it's no surprise that I pulled the trigger on this sweat set one day during my browsing sessions. I scooped it up as soon as I saw it. I needed a work-from-home uniform for the summer, after all. It's not only crazy cozy, but the purple color is by far one of my favorites for the season.

This Snow Cone Maker Will Have You Feeling Like You're In Hawaii

​I grew up spending an occasional summer in Hawaii, and one of my favorite snacks was snow cones. Since then, they've become one of my favorite summer snacks. They're sweet and cool you down instantly. Instead of flying to Hawaii, stay in the comfort of your own home and enjoy this sweet treat thanks to this snow cone machine.

Make The Best Cocktails With Very Little Effort With This Cocktail Syrup Set

​It may just be me, but summer means cocktail season. There's nothing I love more than playing bartender and whipping up new cocktails and enjoying them in my backyard. Most cocktails require a long list of ingredients, which is why I opt for cocktail syrup sets like this. It comes with a Moscow mule, old-fashioned, and spicy margarita. All you need is the alcohol!

This Woven Bag Is Perfect For The Beach

This woven material is ideal for a summer handbag, making this bag an absolute must-have for the upcoming warmer months. It would look cute with literally every outfit, and it's incredibly spacious. Carry all of your necessities in style with this one and watch the compliments roll in.

This Turkish Towel Is Soft AF

Do you think there's a difference between a beach towel and a beach blanket? I do. That's why I use this Turkish towel for the beach. It's so incredibly soft, which is a welcomed difference from your traditional beach towel. I've been known to fall asleep on this while soaking up some sun once or twice. If you don't want to carry this and towels around, don't fret. This also doubles as a quick-drying towel too.

I Love This Tote For Carrying Towels To The Pool

​I originally came across this tote when I was in a small shop in California, and I knew I had to have it. Although I didn't buy it at the time, the minute I came across it on Amazon, I bought it. It's now my go-to bag for the pool. I love to carry my hard kombuchas and beers in it because I know it will keep them cool. It's also big enough to store books, towels, sunscreen, etc.

This Pool Float Hammock is a Summertime Essential

When it gets to be the middle of summer in Arizona, it's almost impossible to lay out on the beach. The sun is so dang hot that you feel like you're going to die of heat exhaustion within minutes. That's why I swear by these pool hammocks. They allow me to soak up the sun while floating in the pool to help me stay cool.

Get In On The Bucket Hat Trend With This Hat

Amazon / Brooke B

I'll be the first to admit that I hated the bucket hat trend when it first started. But–as always–I ended up caving and buying this one for the summer, and I'm totally in love with it. Although it's not something that I wear 24/7, I love it when I'm outside to help shade my face. It looks adorable when paired with a bikini (just saying).

How Cute Is This Bikini?!

​I've never been a big fan of spending a lot of money on bathing suits. Trends come and go, and I find that I get tired of my suits after a year. That's why I've turned to sites like Amazon to get affordable yet stylish options–much like this leopard bikini. For less than $25, you get a suit that's totally trendy yet high quality.

These Tiki Torches Will Make Your Backyard Feel Like Paradise

These tiki torches are arguably one of the best Amazon purchases I have ever made. I'm all about turning my backyard into a tropical paradise as much as possible, and these were the cherry on the cake. The minute you light them, you feel like you've been transported to a far-off island. What more could you want?

Every Camper Needs This Hammock

With Phoenix being so hot in summer, I try to spend most of my time up north, where the weather is 20-30 degrees cooler. Whether I'm camping in a tent or staying in a cabin, no trip is complete without my hammock. It's incredibly affordable, yet it doesn't sacrifice quality. I could spend hours under the sun in my hammock with my favorite book and an ice-cold beverage.

Keep Your Skin Protected With This Sunscreen Milk

Want to know a secret? I very rarely used to use sunscreen. I know, I'm ashamed too. The older I've gotten, the more I've realized how much havoc the sun wreaks on your body. I am trying to stay looking like I am in my 20's for as long as possible. So when I began my skincare journey, you can bet I added this sunscreen milk. It absorbs very quickly, and it's so lightweight that you won't even remember you're wearing it.

These Biker Shorts Can Be Worn Working Out Or Running Errands

The biker shorts trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so get in on the trend with these biker shorts. BALEAF has made a name for itself in the activewear world for having affordable yet cute workout gear, and these are no exception. Wear them on sunny days to keep you cool and fashionable.

Get Super Colorful Mani/Pedis All Summer Long With This Gel Nail Polish Kit

As much as I love all things neutral, this summer is all about color, especially when it comes to nails. If you're like me and don't love spending hundreds of dollars a month on manicures and pedicures, then you need this gel nail polish kit. It comes with 20 different colors, all vibrant and bright, perfect for the warm weather.

Accessorize Any Outfit With This Dainty Anklet

Why is it that anklets make me feel extra cute? When paired with a fresh tan and a colorful pedicure, they are the epitome of summer. They're a fun, dainty way to further accessorize an outfit.

This Sarong Is Flirty Yet Keeps You Covered

Another trend to get in on this year? Sarongs! I've seen at least five influencers that I follow rant and rave about these sarongs from Amazon, so of course, I had to see what the hype was about. They're a feminine way to give yourself a little coverage on the beach. I love them for covering up when I don't want to be showing too much skin at hotels, pools, etc.

This Beach Chair Allows You To Sit Back And Relax (In 5 Different Positions)

For the longest time, I had one of those cheap beach chairs that I got at Walmart for $5. And while it did the job, my boyfriend got one of these four-position beach chairs, and after using it one time, I realized I needed one. It may be a bit pricier, but it's so much more comfortable and allows you to truly lounge for maximum comfort.

These Sandals Are Ideal For Days On The Lake

Another thing that I used to hate and then bought? Shocking (not)! These sandals have become my absolute go-to for adventuring. I've worn them while trekking up a creek, hiking, kayaking, and walking around town. They're super comfy, and they can withstand all of your outdoor needs. Don't spend the money on the name-brand ones and get these instead.

Pair This Umbrella With The Tiki Torches And Every Day Will Be A Vacation

Remember how I said that I am trying to turn my backyard into a literal getaway? Well, this umbrella was another item that I added that helped add to the aesthetic. You want as much shade as possible when it comes to Arizona, so this has been heaven-sent. It helps that it's also cute too. It has paired with my inflatable pool and tiki torches perfectly.

Make Smoothies On The Go With This Personal Blender

​Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to get your nutrients–not to mention they make amazing, quick breakfasts and taste even better when it's warm out. This portable blender not only allows you to make tasty smoothies but also allows you to take your breakfast on the go. Whether you're busy with work or always traveling, you need this blender.

This Waterproof Phone Case Really Protects Your Phone

Since I like to spend a lot of my time on the lake and wandering around the creek during the summer, I needed a good waterproof phone case. I can bring my phone with me on all of my water adventures without worrying that it's going to get ruined. And as someone who gets extreme anxiety about that, that's important.

This Tumbler Can Keep Your Cocktails Cool For Hours

I love–and always will–all things Yeti. All of their products keep your food and drinks cold for hours upon hours. This tumbler is no exception. It can hold everything from white wine to cold coffee to chilled cocktails, you name it. No more drinking room temp beverages.

Go Hands-Free At Your Next Picnic Or Beach Day With This Bamboo Table

​When enjoying a picnic at the park or beach, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to balance your food and drinks. Especially if sand is involved. This bamboo table offers two glass holders for a spill-free outing, while the small table section can double as a cutting board or serve as a table for your cheese and crackers.

Take This Bluetooth Speaker With You Everywhere You Go

​If you don't have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker yet, what are you doing?! I bring mine everywhere we go. I use it for the beach, pool, camping, and even just the shower. I hate sitting in silence, so you can imagine I've gotten my money's worth out of this one. A year later, and it's still incredible shape.

I'm Super Pale And This Self Tanner Makes Me Look So Sunkissed

​Although I'm a native Arizonan who has spent her entire life in one of the sunniest places on Earth, I'm pretty pale thanks to genetics! As much as I would like to be tan, I've always had a hard time getting darker–no matter how long I laid out. As I got older, I realized how much damage I was doing to my skin and decided to opt for this self-tanner. It gives you a quick, even tan without looking streaky or orange.

This Baseball Hat Is A Total Fashion Statement

I always wanted to be the kind of girl who could throw on a baseball hat with an outfit and still look cute. While I haven't quite nailed the trend yet, this baseball hat has been my attempt to figure it out. On days that I need to wash my hair or just don't feel like doing it, I throw it on for a sporty yet trendy look.

I've Worn These Platform Converse For The Last Month Straight (No Lie)

​When I was in middle school, I had at least ten pairs of Converse–no joke. I had every color you can imagine. So it's funny to me that 10+ years later, they're back in style. I have not taken this pair of platform Converse off since I got them. I love that they make me look like I have long legs (if you're short, you understand this one), and they go with literally any outfit. I've paired them with shorts and a tee and sundresses.

This Portable Corn Hole Is Such A Fun Way To Bring Friends And Family Together

​Corn hole is easily one of the most fun games you can play in the summer. There's something about it that makes me think of days spent up north with friends and family. This portable corn hole game is great because it's super lightweight and easily transportable, so you can bring it everywhere you want, unlike the traditional heavy wood sets.

Take This Backpack On Your Next Adventure

If you hadn't gathered by now, I am an avid outdoorsman. I have quarantine to thank for that. There's nothing I love more than hiking, camping, kayaking, etc. If you spend a lot of time outside, you know it's important to have a good backpack like this one. Use it to carry snacks, sunscreen, water, first-aid kits, glasses, etc. It may look small, but it's oh-so-mighty.​

Stop Spending Money On Coffee And Use This Cold Brew Maker Instead

While it may not seem very expensive, those lattes you're spending money on every morning quickly adds up. I try to make coffee at home as much as possible, and with this cold brew maker, it's never been easier. It produces four servings that you can keep in your fridge and enjoy for a few days. Doesn't get much easier than that!

I've Cooked Some Seriously Tasty Meals On This Camping Stove

​I swear I didn't mean to make this entire list consist of camping gear. It's just that time of year! I got this camping stove as a birthday gift, and it is one of my absolute camping must-haves. I use it and my cast iron skillet to cook eggs, steak, pasta, and more. It's unbelievably easy to use and does such an excellent job of cooking delicious meals while on the road.

This Dress Is Absolutely Perfect For The Warmer Weather

Will I ever get tired of fun, flirty summer dresses? Probably not. This dress can be paired with sneakers, wedges, sandals; you name it. And the best part about it? You can easily throw it on, and you're good to go—no more worrying about what pants to wear.

Get Baby Soft Lips Overnight With This Lip Mask

I've had dry lips my entire life. I thought that no matter how much chapstick I put on, this was my unfortunate fate. One day a good friend of mine posted about this lip mask on Instagram, and my life was changed forever. A small amount of this moisturizing berry lip mask gets rid of dry skin in a matter of hours and leaves you with soft kissable lips overnight.

These Drink Floats Will Let You Enjoy Your Drinks While You Swim

​Last but not least are these drink floats. First off, how cute are they? Aside from how Insta-worthy they are, they also do a great job of keeping your drinks afloat while you swim around the pool. Because they come in a pack of 12, they are ideal for those pool party days.