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It's hard to stay on top of the latest trends while also sticking to a budget, but I've managed to find a way. My secret is that I buy everything on Amazon after being inspired by my favorite style icons. So, instead of spending thousands on designer outfits, I only spend a fraction of that to get the same look for less.

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From these faux leather leggings to these sandals – I've found everything online with an affordable price tag. So, I get to look great every season without feeling guilty when looking at my credit card statement. Check out my list of 37 trending fashion favorites for less on Amazon and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

These On-Trend Sandals Give You Model Street Style


These waterproof slides with double buckles have become a fashion favorite, as well as the epitome of comfort.

The sole has grip and they come in several colors to choose from. You'll have model street style when you wear these around town. Plus, they're perfect for the pool or beach walks because of the waterproof material.

These Buttery Soft Yoga Pants Are a Must-Have Workout Favorite


Some brands of yoga pants cost an arm and a leg, but your legs (and your wallet) will be thanking you when you slip these on.

These yoga pants are so comfortable and are seamless around the waistband, so you'll be supported without elastic digging into your skin. Plus, they're versatile, so even when you're not doing yoga, you can wear them as casual leggings.

These Ruby-Colored Bella Hadid-Inspired Earrings

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Most of us aren't invited to the Cannes Film Festival like Bella Hadid, but I still took inspiration from her taste in jewelry though. I found these well-priced sterling silver and gemstone earrings on Amazon and I wear them all the time.

Even when I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, these dangle earrings seem to match every outfit!

This Classic Blue Cardigan Is Just Like Irina Shayk's… But Affordable

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If you're a fashion fan of model Irina Shayk, then you'll be pleased to know that you can copy her style on a budget.

This button-down classic blue cardigan looks just like Irina's but is affordable on Amazon. It's a great layer to transition your summer wardrobe into fall, too!

This Pink Dress Inspired by Lily Collins Is Perfect for Bridesmaids

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If you or someone in your life is looking for bridesmaid dress inspiration, then look no further. This pearlescent pink dress on Amazon looks just like the one Lily Collins has been spotted wearing and would fit the occasion perfectly.

And the good news? The price is right on point.

This Kendall Jenner-Style Black Skirt for A Fraction of The Price

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If there's one thing Kendall Jenner knows, it's fashion, and the model's split black skirt can be replicated with this lookalike outfit from Amazon.

This comfortable high waist skirt has an elastic closure and is perfect for working in an office or going out with friends.

This Unisex Striped Knit Sweater Loved by Kourtney Kardashian

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I love this striped knit sweater that I saw on Kourtney Kardashian and later found a lookalike on Amazon.

It's perfect for cool summer evenings and going into fall while keeping on-trend. Just pair the sweater with denim shorts or long leggings and you'll be good to go.

Meghan's Regal Green Dress with This Lookalike Frock

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If your aim in life is to look as regal as Meghan Markle, then this dress will do the trick. It might not be the same designer worn by the Duchess of Sussex, but it sure looks just as stylish.

I found this elegant mesh bodycon pencil dress on Amazon and managed to recreate Meghan's look at an affordable price.

This Classic Blazer to Emulate Shay Mitchell Is a Best Seller

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This classic black blazer will take you everywhere – from work to play – and can match jeans or even a cocktail dress.

Shay Mitchell is one of my style icons, so it's no wonder that she is a fan of a good blazer too. And this one on Amazon has become a best seller.

Shiva Safai's Effortless Red T-Shirt Is a Wardrobe Essential

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Whether you're a fashion icon like Shiva Safai or a regular gal who likes to keep up with trends, this effortless T-shirt is a wardrobe essential.

There's a huge range of colors to choose from on Amazon, but this cotton T-shirt in red is my favorite.

Gigi Hadid's Baggy Brown Trousers for A Bargain

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If oversized baggy trousers are good enough for Gigi Hadid, then they're good enough for me too. The only problem is, my credit card doesn't stretch as much as her budget.

So, I found these casual loose pants on Amazon and achieved the same look for less.

Paris Hilton's Retro Velour Tracksuits Are Back on Trend

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In case you haven't heard, velour tracksuits are back! The fashion trend made famous by Paris Hilton in the early 2000s has come back around and here's where I found mine.

I love this off one-shoulder sweatsuit on Amazon and the price point is so good that I ended up buying it in three different colors.

These Handbags and Wallets Look Authentic but Fit My Budget


A set of handbags and wallets could cost a small fortune, but these on-trend items are so affordable and look like they're worth thousands.

The high-quality PU leather set offers everything you need in terms of size and adjustable straps… so, what are you waiting for?

Jennifer Lopez-Inspired Earrings for A Touch of Glamor

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Jennifer Lopez wore these earrings while performing on stage in California, and even though I'm more likely to wear mine out to a bar with friends, I'm still obsessed with these accessories.

Plus, when I found these lookalike earrings on Amazon for a bargain, I thought, why not be as glamorous as J.Lo?

Add This Corset to Your Ensemble Just Like Camila Cabello

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If you're looking for a way to spice up the usual white shirt look – then Camila Cabello's style is a great way forward.

I love the way she's added this corset to her ensemble and I found this body shaper girdle on Amazon that will recreate the look for a very affordable price.

Plus, it's so popular that it's become a best-selling item.

Recreate Dakota Johnson's Look with This Shift Dress

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It's the perfect time of year to recreate Dakota Johnson's look with this bright orange shift dress.

If orange isn't your color, there's a huge range of others to choose from. But this shift mini dress is so versatile and contains just a little bit of Spandex, so it's easy to move around in.

These High Waist Pencil Pants Have Designer Style Without the Price Tag


Flattering pants can end up costing hundreds of dollars, but I found these high waist pencil pants on Amazon and have never looked back.

I wear these black pants to work, to meet friends, and even on date nights with heels. They're so stylish, no wonder they've become a best seller.

These Gold Hoop Earrings Are Always on Trend

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Gold hoop earrings never go out of style and Vanessa Hudgens is a fan of the timeless trend just as much as I am.

There's a huge price difference between different types of hoops though, but I found these 14K gold plated hoops on Amazon for a great price. It means that the trend is affordable for anyone who wants to get Vanessa's look.

Recreate Emily Ratajkowski's Look with These Glasses

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I'm a huge fan of Emily Ratajkowski's style and these sunglasses are so on-trend right now. I found a lookalike pair on Amazon that are not only a great price, but they're high-quality sunglasses too.

They have UV400 protection and the square frame is flattering on the face.

Jennifer Aniston's Sparkling Necklace Without the Hefty Price Tag

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Whether you have a fancy event to go to or not, it's always nice to wear a bit of bling, so long as it doesn't cost a fortune.

This is why I love this rhinestone crystal choker necklace from Amazon and it looks just like the one Jennifer Aniston wore to the Emmys. I'm pretty sure hers cost a lot more than this great deal on Amazon though!

This Cubic Zirconia Ring for Penelope Cruz-Style Bling

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There's no harm in adding some bling to your hands and this affordable cubic zirconia ring will make you feel like Penelope Cruz, without breaking your budget.

You just need to know your ring size and voila, you're set to go. It's the perfect accessory to wear on a night out.

This Scarlett Johansson-Inspired Silver Clutch Is a Best Seller

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If you need an evening bag that can be worn with an elegant dress or pantsuit, then this is the silver clutch for you.

I was inspired by Scarlett Johansson's look and found this accessory for a great price. It's been ranked as an Amazon's Choice product because it's had such great reviews.

This Affordable Pearl Necklace Is Just Like Dua Lipa's

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There's no better way to finish off an outfit, than with the right piece of jewelry. And I love this piece after being inspired by Dua Lipa.

This chunky pearl necklace from Amazon is so on-trend right now and comes in a range of different colors, so you can choose the one that matches your personality.

This Tie Dye Sweatshirt Is an On-Trend Best Seller


High-end designers started coming out with tie-dye sweatshirts as they became an on-trend fashion item. But you don't have to spend a fortune on this best-selling item.

This super comfortable sweater from Amazon gives you the same look, for a fraction of the designer price tag. And there are loads of different colors to choose from.

Zoe Saldana's Navy Blue Buttoned Up Top Is an Essential

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Zoe Saldana is both stylish and practical and this navy-blue buttoned top I found on Amazon reminded me of her look.

This stretch polo shirt is so comfortable because it's a cotton/Spandex mix and can be dressed up with black pants or dressed down with jeans or shorts. I chose navy after being inspired by Zoe, but there are other colors to choose from too.

Jennifer Lawrence's Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans are Always in Style

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Instead of splashing out on designer denim like J-Law did for a Dior fashion show, Amazon has an almost identical pair of boyfriend jeans for a great price.

Cuffed jeans like these are so versatile because they can be dressed up with heels and a sheer top or dressed down with sneakers.

Kim Kardashian's Black Leather Jacket is Timeless

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A black leather jacket is a staple for any woman's closet and this faux leather version on Amazon will give you the same elegance for a fraction of the price.

Cropped jackets like this are the perfect weight for a summer evening, as well as fall and spring. All you need to do now is find some matching faux leather pants.

Lily Collins' Faux Leather Leggings Are Ready for A Night Out

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Leggings have been a must-have for years, but these faux leather leggings are a best seller on Amazon for a reason.

They can be worn casually to a sports game like Lily Collins wears hers, or they can be dressed up with heels and a blazer. I bought mine from Amazon and wear them every week.

Create Casual Elegance with Gemma Chan's White Denim Overalls

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Gemma Chan knows how to mix casual denim with elegance, as she did here for a Calvin Klein event.

But if you want to replicate her look for less, these vintage wash white denim overalls on Amazon are an affordable price that you won't regret.

Accessorize Like Beyonce with a Black Felt Fedora Hat

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A hat is a perfect accessory to finish any look, and Beyonce proves that theory in her black fedora.

If you're wondering how to recreate her ensemble at an affordable price, Amazon has a range of wide brim fedora hats. You'll be looking like Beyonce before you know it.

These Cargo Joggers Are on Every Fashionistas Wishlist


Athleisurewear is on every fashionista's must-have wardrobe list and these cargo joggers are my go-to for style and price. The ankle cuff makes them flattering on the legs and the cargo pockets are not just handy, but a fashion detail.

All my friends ask me where I got them from, but it's no secret that I just ordered them from Amazon.

This Lookalike Bag Takes Eva Longoria from Day to Evening

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This black designer handbag can be worn day or night, dressed up or down, and is loved by celebs like Eva Longoria.

But instead of spending thousands on a Balmain bag, Amazon offers the same look with this satchel at a fraction of the price.

Replicate Eva Mendes' Boho Chic Look with This Genuine Leather Handbag

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Eva Mendes is the epitome of boho chic and luckily, it's affordable to copy her style with this 100% genuine leather satchel bag.

The bag can be paired up with a matching tan leather belt and skirt just like the star wears while running errands in Los Angeles.

Get Rihanna's Retro Look with These Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

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When you're looking for a new pair of shades, these vintage white sunglasses will provide an edgy style feature to your outfit.

Rihanna wears hers with an all-white ensemble, but they're versatile enough to wear with any color. The only difference between you and Rihanna is that you can find your pair for an affordable price on Amazon.

Get Adriana Lima's Silky Cocktail Dress for A Steal

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When it's a night for a little black dress, take inspiration from model Adriana Lima in this LBD.

You can find the long sleeve deep V neck mini dress on Amazon and simply team it up with a black blazer, belt and handbag just like Adriana.

Every Girl Needs a Pair of Pointed Stiletto Heels – Even Megan Fox

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Whether you're stepping out in jeans, a pantsuit, or a dress, these pointed black stilettos with ankle straps will glam up any outfit.

Megan Fox wears hers with a suited blazer and you can replicate her pumps through Amazon. I bought these for summer and have been wearing them all the time.

Flatter Your Figure Like Julianne Hough in These Yoga Pants

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She has the body of a dancer and shows us how to wear patterned yoga pants with flair, and you can copy Julianne Hough's style while sticking to your budget.

These tummy control yoga leggings on Amazon will keep you feeling secure during your workout while also looking sleek and trim.