This Soft-Cotton Romper Will Make the Hottest Days More Than Bearable | 22 Words

I am someone who cannot stand extreme cold or extreme heat. As much as I prefer summer for the clear blue skies, longer days, and best of all, patio dining, it's gotta be said that feeling hot is so much worse than looking hot. So, I've compiled a list of cute and stylish clothing for the people out there who, like me, want to be able to look and feel great.

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I find that linen is one of the best fabrics to combat warm temperatures. It's a light and loosely woven tactile that absorbs moisture while drying quickly. That and cotton are my faves for summertime. There are some super chic jumpsuits and skirts that you can throw on over a cute bralette. Polish off the look with a wide-brimmed hat to protect your visage and slip on some birks and, I assure you, you will feel so fresh and ready to take on the day.

This Soft-Cotton Romper Will Make the Hottest Days More Than Bearable

Rompers are my best friends in warm weather. There's no greater feeling than looking in the mirror and seeing a grown person looking back in a full-on outfit, while knowing that it is a singular piece of cloth and you don't have to make extra effort beyond that to look good. Check out this cotton scoop-neck option.

This Bamboo Nightgown is Sustainable Comfort at Its Finest

Bamboo rayon has really found its footing in the fashion world for its environmentally-friendly qualities. The sustainability behind this fabric is not the only reason for its popularity, though. It's actually such a comfortable material, akin to silk, and I always find myself content with its softness and durability. I bought this nightgown that's made from bamboo, and it lives up to all the hype. I'm never too hot and I love the way the fabric drapes.

This Beach Kimono is Just What You Need for Those Nightly Bonfires

Good beachwear is a must-have in the summertime, especially when it gets super hot and all you can think about is cool ocean breezes and evening marshmallows roasting on an open flame. Whether it's to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays of the overhead sun or to wrap around yourself after a refreshing swim in the sea, this kimono has got you ... covered. I love how soft and flowy it is, and the lacey waistline gives it an extra sweet, feminine touch.

These Bike Shorts Will Have You Excited to Do Your Summer Workouts

I am not an exercise person, but I have come to accept that it should probably have a place in my life, whether I like it or not. I've begun biking lately, and wanted a pair of quality shorts. I chose this pair for the cute patterns and longer length that would prevent my thighs from rubbing together in the bristling heat of summer.

This Ruffled Hem Romper Will Shift 'Too Hot' from the Temperature to You

Sometimes you need a fancier romper to rock on a girl's night out and this one will have you covered (literally). The long sleeves are particularly good for evenings out, where it might be somewhat cooler and more mosquito-filled. Of course, the deep-V adds a flirty contrast, and I love the cinched waist for a more defined silhouette.

This Boho Button-Down Dress is a Gorgeous Girls' Night-on-the-Patio Outfit

Button-down dresses will always have a special place in my heart. They're so very demure-looking and present an air of charm and elegance without the over-doneness of cocktail dresses or ballroom gowns. In summer, I like dresses like this boho option. The floral patterns fit well with the season, and I love the tassles in the middle.

This Ruffled Two-Piece is Vintage Vibes Chic, Adorable, and Sexy

I'm obsessed with vintage swimwear, and this two-piece is no exception. I love the ruffled top and the mismatched, high-waisted bottoms. Reviewers comment on how comfortable and well-made they seem, as well. I can't wait to throw this on and head to a beach literally anywhere.

This Chiffon Wrap Skirt Takes Your Beach Outfit to the Next Level

I'm a big fan of this chiffon wrap skirt with its translucent sheen. I find it adds an extra layer to my swimwear, while also protecting more of my skin from the harsh, summer sun. It comes in many colors and won't get damaged by the water or sand.

This Knit Coverup is Chic for Both the Beach and Lounging at Home

Coverups are great for summertime, because of the constant fluctuations in temperature. Whether it's the hotness dipping in the evening or coming in and out of air-conditioned facilities, there's no question that you'll need something to throw on over that bikini. I really like this knitted coverup from Amazon. It's stylish and wearable even when not at the beach.

This Oversized Casual Linen Dress is So Fun to Accessorize

Linen shirt dresses are what keeps me going on the hottest of days. You just throw them on and go about your business without worrying about matching this with that. My favourite aspect of this piece is its simplicity; I can put all my styling energy into accessorizing, which can be really fun.

These Casual Overalls are Awesome for Lounging or Going to the Movies

A cotton-linen blend gives these overalls a perfect balance of shape and breathability. Linen is such a loosely-woven fabric, that it's basically wearing air conditioner but much lighter. I like that the straps on these are adjustable and that you can wear it wide-legged (as it comes), or you can roll the bottoms up if you prefer the tapered look.

This Empire Waist Midi Dress is Perfect for the Park (And it Has Pockets!)

I go for this cute, empire waist sundress on days when it's hot but I still want to look a bit dressed up. It's made of a light, stretchy material that is super light on the skin and makes me feel like a princess when I twirl in the breeze because my dogs have tangled me up in their leashes again. Best of all? They have pockets. Pockets.

These Distressed Denim Shorts Will Help You Keep Cool and Content

The classic denim shorts. My favorite article of clothing, possibly ever. They go so easily with anything you pair them with. I like this one for its unique, double-button closure and medium amounts of distress on both legs. The blue is also a great shade for summer.

This Little Black Dress is Perfect for Turning Up the Heat

No matter how hot it gets and how much you hate being in the heat, ladies, you need to have a sweet little black dress in your closet, ready to go. This off-the-shoulder, hi-low mini dress will check off all the criteria for any summer event you might find yourself in attendance. Whether that's a BBQ with the in-laws or your sister's baby shower in July, you'll be glad to have something stylish and comfortable to throw on when the time comes. I also bought it in white.

This V-Neck Jumpsuit is the Perfect Shopping Outfit

Another jumpsuit? Let me tell you why this one is different. With the deep-V and straight, cigarette cut, it's hard to go more effortless while looking runway chic at the same time. I wear this when shopping at the mall, as it's also very easy to slip in and out of. And let me just say that when the time comes and it's the third week in a row of straight 100+ degree weather, you'll be glad you have multiple of these suits to jump into.

This Tennis Skirt Will Make For the Perfect Throwback Thursday #OotD Post

This super cute tennis skirt really deserves a place in everyone's wardrobes. Made by American Apparel, a company that prides itself on producing its clothes within the USA, and the quality definitely reflects that. I find that the material is perfect for any weather; it just depends on how you layer it. In the fall, it looks so cute with a pair of tights. In the summer, I find that it's not too hot to wear out, while being cozy enough in air conditioned rooms.

This Freezer Dress Uses Technology to Keep You Cool and Safe From the Sun

What is a freezer dress, you might ask? Well, I've looked it up for both of us (you're welcome), and this dress features a wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from the body, with the use of cooling tech, as well as having UPF 30 protection from UVA and UVB rays. This one's for those of us who will literally die from being too hot. I've given it a go and it seems to work really well. It'll be great to wear to music fesitvals or safari parks, for instance.

These Levi's Ankle Jeans are Fabulous for Summer Nights

It's not summer 'til you're rockin a pair of white or frayed jeans and cute tie-dye top, right, ladies? These Levi's 721 are a high rise ankle with a subtle rip in the knee. Not too distressed, the cotton-elastane blend makes them feel both airy and shapely. Highly recommend you choose it for your wardrobe's 'staple white jean'.

These Giant Hair Clips Prevent the Back of Your Neck From Drowning in Sweat

I have a lot of hair, which means I break a lot of elastics and even a couple scrunchies. Don't ask. So, I started using big clips instead, and found this set of four on Amazon. They come in four colours come in a matte finish. They are super strong and really good at holding all of my tresses in one place.

These Linen Pants Will Outshine Your Shortest Shorts

Linen is one of my favourite fabrics in summer. The lightly woven, airy feel is unrivaled by any other material. It isn't an exaggeration when I say that I've felt cooler after putting on a linen shirt or dress. So don't be afraid of the length on these pants, you'll still feel cool as a cucumber (am I old for using that phrase?)

These High Waisted Pencil Pants Will Keep You Cool and Turning Heads at Work

For y'all office gals and those who like the business casual attire in general, here are a pair of really chic, really comfy, and really cool high-waisted tapered pants. My fave is the monochromatic accent bows at the ankles and waist; they really tie the silhouette together (sorry).

These Wavy Headbands are So Great at Keeping Hair Out of Your Face

I've always loved these kinds of headbands, as they're amazing for keeping hair out of your face. The wavy designs are intended to pull and keep your hair in place, so that bunches of it doesn't bulge out here and there. This set of six comes with a pretty neat variety; best of all, they're unisex, so if you have a long 'do, dude, you can snag a couple of these, too.

This Boyfriend Jumpsuit is a Perfect Summer Sub for BF Jeans

The horse design, the wide legs, and thin spaghetti straps are such a cute combination. If you aren't one for horses, there are some other really stylish designs as well. These are 100% cotton, so super light and breezy, while the low crotch and side split on both legs give your legs some extra breathing room.

This Cork Footbed Sandal is Perfect for Heat Avoiders and Environmentalists


As the days get hotter and we get lazier, a good sandal is a must-have. No one has the time, energy, or desire to find matching socks when the mere idea of putting more material on our bodies in these temperatures makes us break into a sweat. Or is that just me? Anyway, I found these cute cork sandals with suede insoles that contour to your feet after being worn in. It has a bit of a platform -great for short girls like me- and the cork footbed is nice and light and flexible.

These Shorteralls Will Have You Reaching for Them Day, After Day

My attire in the summertime consists of at least three or four days out of the week of overalls and a bralette. It's one of the easiest outfits to throw on, and never fails to make me look super freakin' cute. This pair of 'shorteralls' from Amazon has adjustable straps and triple button closures at the sides. Even better, they're designed right here in Los Angeles.

This Pair of Stretchy Canvas Shorts for When You Want a Break From Denim

Denim shorts are key to summer, but so are a pair of cute khakis or canvas shorts. I like this cotton pair, as it has just a bit of spandex to give it that stretch. Nothing's worse than wearing too-tight anything during a hot day, so be sure to check these out.

This Tri-Blend Tank Top Keeps You Cool and Shows Off Your Summer Bod

I bought a few of these tri-blend tank tops to gift to my family members and they are super popular. People love them for how lightweight and breathable they are. They're American Apparel, as well, who make most of their clothing within the United States.

This Cute Calvin Klein Bralette Makes for a Great Top in Sweltering Temperatures

Like rompers, bralettes are what get me out of bed and into clothes in the morning, in the summertime anyway. This one by Calvin Klein is one of my faves. I really like the solid colors contrasting with the repeated logo. When I put it on, it feels less like an undergarment, and more like a cute top that doesn't make my entire back sweat unpleasantly. I'll definitely be purchasing in more colors.

This Workout Bra Doubles As a Cute Top

A good workout bra is so important to have for when you stop telling yourself you're going to start excercising, and actually do it. I really like this padded sports bra for that purpose, as it's cute and casual enough to wear as a standalone top. On my more ambitious days, I've found that it works great for yoga and floor exercises.

This Bamboo Lace Trim PJ Set Will Have You Sleeping Well in Any Temperature

I love the feeling of luxurious PJs against my skin when I sleep. It's extra nice after a shower and long, hot summer's day. Besides the benefits to your skin that some claim bamboo has, it's just a nice, lightweight and cooling option to wear to bed. It doesn't retain heat or moisture, so you can be sure not to wake up with hot flashes or cold sweats.

This Stylish Sun Hat Keeps Your Skin Protected and Your Outfits Fresh

Every wardrobe needs a trendy hat like this one. Not only does it protect your face from harmful UV rays, it adds a touch of whimsy or freshness depending if you pair it with a sundress or a button-down and pants. These hats are one of the most versatile pieces in my closet and you should definitely get one if you don't have already have a couple.

This Silky T-Shirt with Shirring Details is a Summer Basic

I bought several of these Made by Johnny t-shirts in different colours after I tried one on. It's so soft and silky, cool to the touch and doesn't retain heat. It makes getting out of pajamas into real clothing so much easier. It's super popular and has great reviews.

These Cloudfoam Adidas Slides Will Be Your Go-To's Hot Days of the Year


Slides are a summer staple (excuse the alliteration, if you will) and I will always have a pair in my arsenal of footwear. They make for great pool accessories as well as picking up the newspaper and letting the dogs out into the yard. Let's face it, no one really wants to put on socks and running shoes all the time. Plus if you're just running out to the garage, your cute sandals won't really be necessary, will they? These slides from Adidas are a great option; not only are they known for their quality, but they also have the signature, sleek Adidas look.

This Lounge Set is Soft, Breathable, and Made in America

I love a good pajama set, and I always give double points to any pieces that I can lounge in, be mix'n'matched, or even paired with cute denim shorts or overall. This American-made set from PJ Harlow is perfect for all of those activities. It's relaxed fit cotton material keeps me cool and it comes in a variety of colours in case you want to get more than one set (definitely recommend).

This Sleeveless Racerback T-Shirt Dress is a Must-Have Summer Staple

T-Shirt dresses are some of the most wonderful creations of all time, I swear. They're able to be dressed up, down, any way you see fit, really. I like this one from American Apparel. It's a super soft, breathable cotton, has a casual vibe that lets you literally roll out of bed in it and no one would be any the wiser. Plus, it's made in the USA!

This Racerback Button-Down Tank Screams Coolness

Fourth of July is approaching, and this may be the perfect attire for you to pull out. I really like this stretchy, cotton scoop-neck tank top. I find that it's both breathable and comfy and super easy to style. Either throw it on underneath a pair of distressed denim shorts or a cute, white tennis skirt and you're good to go. Plus, for those of you who prefer to be more subtle about American pride, there are other patterns and solid colors to choose form.

This Floral Maxi Has a Slit to Keep You Cool and Stylish

I love maxi dresses in the summertime. The only gripe I have is it can feel a little sweaty and suffocating, especially when the sun is at its highest. This tiered ruffle maxi is a beautiful way to combat that problem, with its long slit opening to let your legs breathe and show off your tan at the same time.