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50 Cent has been ripped apart online after he shared an "insensitive" Instagram post regarding the death of Michael K. Williams.

It seems as though the rapper just couldn't help himself.


After it was announced that Michael K. Williams had tragically passed away due to a suspected dr*g overdose, Cent took it upon himself to dedicate a post to the late actor, with what has been branded as an "insensitive" moment to plug his own Starz series, Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

"Damn if you didn't see Raising Kanan check it out that f*ntanyl is no joke, killing the clientele. RIP Michael K. Williams," in a now-deleted Instagram post.

His caption was put alongside a snapshot of an article by the New York Post which mentions that "dr*g paraphernalia" was found in the apartment of the former The Wire star. The article has since been updated to remove the fact that f*ntanyl could have contributed to Williams' suspected dr*g overdose.

However, fans quickly jumped on Cent for his disgusting move.

And rightly so.

Even despite being called out, the unremorseful rapper continued to justify his position, saying he doesn't engage in "that fake love s***," in yet another post that has since been deleted from his Instagram.

This feud that Cent had with Williams goes beyond just this insensitive post.

Previously, the 2 had ignited in a public scandal which was plastered all over 50 Cent's social media and it was all because Williams chose to defend music executive James Rosemond after he was assaulted while serving a life sentence in prison after he was found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot against Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher. Williams then released a video in which he said Cent's claims were "false."

Clearly Cent didn't appreciate Williams' words and ever since then, they've been on a rocky road.

But this is just low.

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Let's just hope 50 Cent stops beefing people on the internet.

It's time to grow up and move on.