Photos Show 640 Afghans Crammed into Military Plane to Flee | 22 Words

Horrifying photos show 640 Afghans crammed into a U.S Military plane to flee the Taliban.

After nearly twenty years of war, the Taliban have swarmed Afghanistan with brute force yet again, taking over the country and causing panic among citizens, resulting in the fleeing of Afghans to Kabul airport.

A U.S Military plane evacuated hundreds of people from Afghanistan and the footage was shocking...

The Reach 871 C-17 aircraft landed at Kabul Airport as the Taliban took control yet again, with many citizens trying to get out of the country over fears their lives will turn quickly into a tragedy.

An image has revealed how the Reach 871 was packed with 640 people and was 5 times over its passenger limit as it left Kabul to fly citizens to safety.

And a defense official told Defence One that instead of trying to force citizens off the plane, "the crew made the decision to go."

People even clung to cargo straps, sitting on the ground as the plane landed at the AI Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

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The aircraft is one of the largest passenger evacuations in history... This is how severely desperate the citizens of Afghanistan are right now.

People also tried clambering onto a plane in the hope it will take off as quickly as possible, clinging to the hull as another U.S aircraft took off down the runway. 2 people tragically fell from the plane to their deaths hundreds of meters in the sky just after takeoff.

As of yet, 5 bodies were seen being carried to a vehicle as per Reuters.

President Ashraf Ghani fled the country over the weekend as the Taliban took control once again after being removed from power by the US and UK-led forces back in 2001.

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During its rule, starting in 1994, the Taliban were known for their brutal enforcement of rules and lack of women's rights, with women not being permitted to work and punishments such as public stoning, whipping, and even hanging being carried out.

And fearing the Taliban hasn't changed all that much and even 2 decades on, citizens are fearing for their lives that they'll once again live under a regime of brutality.

President Ghani even spoke to the people of Afghanistan: "If left unchecked, countless patriots would be martyred and the city of Kabul would be devastated, resulting in a major humanitarian catastrophe in the six-million-strong city.

"The Taliban had made it clear that they were ready to carry out a bloody attack on all of Kabul and the people of Kabul to oust me. In order to prevent a flood of bloodshed, I decided to leave."

By 1996, they'd gained control of most of the country and imposed its own strict version of Sharia, which is Islamic law.

As things begin to worsen for citizens, the United Kingdom and the U.S are discussing strategies to help safely evacuate citizens from the country of Afghanistan.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the U.K, said: "We want to get as many people out as we can. We want to continue to do this as long as we are able to do so and as long as it is safe to do so."

But while the U.S is planning to relocate 30,000 Afghans and Canada setting a target of 20,000, the U.K refuses to announce how many they'll allow into the country as of yet.