After a short while, the girls decided to go back to their university flat and watched as one of the towers crumbled to the ground. | 22 Words

A video posted to YouTube shows the moment 2 university students captured the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers almost 2 decades ago.

Caroline Dries and her roommate Megan, who were both students at the time, were woken up by the first explosion back in September 2001.

After the first explosion went off, Caroline grabbed her camcorder and began filming through her dorm window. At first, the girls both thought the explosion was the result of a bomb, as they saw black smoke surge from the building.

The young women looked on in horror as they saw people in the building tragically jumping to their death instead of letting the fire get to them.


At 09:03 AM, shortly after the first attack, a second plane crashed into The South Tower. It was after this second explosion that the women realized it was a terrorist attack and fled their building.

Back in 2011, Caroline - who is now a TV writer and producer - spoke to CNN, saying: "We were kids like we were so vulnerable and so naïve. My reaction was 'there's no way people are going to be jumping to their death'. [I] just couldn't go there."

The devastating footage captured both the reaction of the girls and the second plane attack. Both began screaming and crying "oh my God, what do [we] do?"

Caroline added: "I just remember feeling like I don't know what to do, that feeling of being so vulnerable, so overwhelming."


"We ran out of the apartment, took the elevator down to the street and it was just kind of pandemonium on the street with no one knowing what was happening."

After a short while, the girls decided to go back to their university flat and watched as one of the towers crumbled to the ground.


Caroline compared it to being like "something out of a horror movie," adding: "This massive dust cloud, consuming everything in its path is still so surreal."

She spoke on the significance of the video, admitting: "Sometimes I think you know it would be nice to have not filmed it. To just have run and let time kind of erase all of the details and just move on a little faster."