Abuse of Prince George Keeps Him Out of Limelight | 22 Words

While many see life as a royal as a blessed existence, there are some serious downsides to life in the limelight. Earlier this week, Prince George made a rare public appearance - but the backlash has been so strong that the royals have reportedly come to a drastic decision.

One Sunday night, the English national soccer team took on Italy in the final of the Euros Championship at Wembley Stadium in London, U.K. Prince George was in attendance alongside his dad, Prince William, and his mom, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Early on in the match, England took the lead when footballer Luke Shaw scored a goal in under 2 minutes. This (understandably) got a huge reaction from the crowd - and Prince George was no exception!

But cruel trolls were quick to take to the internet to mock the young boy. Some took aim at the fact he was wearing a suit and tie, while others pointed out his laugh looked a little unusual. There were many jokes at his expense, including some suggesting he is "trapped" in his role as a royal, and suggesting a crowdfunder to help free him from the constraints.

Others cruelly branded the prince a "twerp," and told him to "cry into his tie," after the English team eventually lost to Italy on penalties.

But it seems this trolling had elected a rather extreme response from some senior Royals. In fact, royal expert Robert Jobson, who co-authored Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, has spoken out to the Australian breakfast show, Sunrise TV, about their plans.

"Some were critical about him wearing a shirt and tie like his dad which I thought was very harsh," Jobson said. "He has been very popular but I think they are going to try and keep him out of the limelight a little bit... They are very conscious of that."

Many have spoken out in praise of the decision. "Horrible bullies he is just a child love seeing him enjoying himself he is gorgeous," wrote one commenter.

"Why do you give any of these vile human beings being abusive to a CHILD any time of day - the best thing for them would be not to get media acknowledgment," another agreed.

A final one added, "He is a normal little boy enjoying what his father is passionate about it's awful to think that a small boy could be abused. In this way one day he will be our next king you should be ashamed of yourselves for picking on a small boy. God bless you, George."

What do you think about young royals living life under the scrutiny of the public? Did the trolls go too far this time?