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What can be so offensive about a bikini that means women can get arrested for wearing one?

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We all enjoy spending time in the warm weather...

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And wearing layers of clothing is never ideal when you're sat soaking up the sun.

In the majority of public places, there are unwritten rules when it comes to how little clothing we can get away with...

But as long as we aren't completely naked, wearing what we want should be okay.

But in more recent times...

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It turns out that wearing swimwear in public spaces is not okay... well, according to certain people, anyway.

It seems as though a lot of people are offended by some women's bikinis...

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And sometimes, it's even to the point where the police are called to get involved. Can you believe it?

But men are allowed to walk around in swimming trunks and no tops?

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Hm, can someone pour me a glass of double standards, please?

There have been a number of incidents recently.

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Firstly, this occurred in New York's Freedom Lake last week... A young woman was interrupted during her relaxing day in the sun due to her choice of swimwear.

Aurea Miranda was recently spending some time in Freedom Lake...

It was a very hot day and Aurea was wearing a bikini, which many other women were also wearing on that day.

Aurea was making some videos for her TikTok account when she was suddenly interrupted by a middle-aged woman.

The woman is heard abruptly asking, "You see those group of boys over there?"

Aurea responds nervously with a "yes"...

And the woman then says, "Those are my boys. They're staring at your a** which is hanging out in the middle of a public place."

The woman's attitude was confrontational and aggressive.

"Do you need a pair of shorts? Because I have an extra pair," she then asked Aurea. And she hit back with, "I mean get your a** covered, that's what I mean. Thank you." Well, why don't you tell "your boys" to stop staring?

The young woman then asked the angry mom if there was a rule about covering up at the lake...

And the mom said, "Yeah, there is. It's called nudity. You can't be nude on a beach like this. It's a public place."

It's clear that Aurea isn't in the nude...

And she also says she spoke to workers at the park who told her swimsuit was fine to wear.

People rushed to the young woman's defense...

And comments were left such as: "Why is it inappropriate around kids? It's just a body. Everyone has one. It's just making you all uncomfortable because you're sexualizing it."

Another Instagram user said:

"People will blame anyone but themselves. Teach your kids to not stare, and don't get pressed because you're jealous of someone else. She can wear whatever she wants and the fact that y'all are mad about it shows how insecure you are. Go be mad somewhere else."

I don't get why we're still in 2020 and policing women's bodies?

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It's so 2009. Why not teach boys and men to avert their eyes off it bothers them so much? Or here's a better idea, tell them to grow out of their misogyny if they still see women as sexual objects.

In another similar incident, another woman was harassed for her choice of beachwear.

Acrobat, Sam Panda, was detained by police on Myrtle Beach after her wearing what has been described as an "offensive bikini."

Sam revealed that "some Karen" decided to call the police on her.

When they arrived on the scene, they immediately arrested Sam, as her friend tried to stop them and ask for clarification as to why she was being arrested.

Apparently her thong bikini was regarded as "offensive."

According to whatever rulebook they were going off, the exposure of Sam's butt was a bit too much for some people to handle? At first, she tried to object, so the squad decided to call back-up. Yes, they called back up for an "offensive bikini."

Sometimes you really cannot write this stuff, even if you tried.

According to the Myrtle Beach police initial call was "a report of 2 women "who were wearing thong bikinis and a see-through top that were dancing and soliciting videos on the beach." See-through top? Let me know where you're seeing that because the pictures say different.

Regardless, they were arrested and detained until they agreed to cover-up.

After that, they were released without charges. I mean, are the police really lacking in jobs to do that they took this one so seriously? They called back-up because Sam started "walking off" in a thong bikini. What?

Sam later said this:

"A woman decided that my body was offensive to her and showed her child that her body could one day lead to her arrest."

People were left shocked upon hearing the news...

This user commented that the Karen must have been jealous and I truly wouldn't put it past her.

And this user raised a good point:

The police must have a lot of free time on their hands these days...

Here's the full video:

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