13-Year-Old Adam Toledo Remembered As 'Kind' and 'Loving' | 22 Words

As the investigation into the murder of thirteen-year-old Adam Toledo continues, the young boy's family has spoken out about how "kind" and "loving" he was.

​One of his cousins even wrote a letter that was read out at the teen's burial.


In it, he talked about what kind of person Toledo was.

Have a look for yourselves...

Now, since the news of Adam Toledo's tragic death broke, people have been demanding justice.

Adam, who lived in a predominantly Latino neighborhood on Chicago's West Side, is one of the youngest people killed by the police in Illinois in years.

In the shooting, which took place in the early hours of March 29th, officials said that 2 officers were responding to reports of gunfire when they saw 2 people in an alley and started to chase them.

Prosecutors claimed that thirteen-year-old Adam was holding a gun when he ran down the alley as an officer called for him to stop and drop the weapon...


And when he refused, the officer was left with no choice but to shoot.

Police initially said the person "was pronounced deceased on the scene," but didn't specify the age of the person the officer had shot.


The police department later tweeted a photo of a gun allegedly recovered at the scene.

However, bodycam footage from the incident contradicts everything the police department had initially claimed.


In the moments before the shooting, Adam could be seen holding what appears to be a gun behind his back, which he dropped behind a wooden fence just before raising his hands.

Adam was visibly afraid...


And, judging by the footage, instantly obeyed the officer's shouted orders of "stop right now!", "hands, show me your hands. Drop it. Drop it," and "show me your f***ing hands."

However, despite putting his hands in the air with no weapon in sight, Adam was shot.


The footage shows him collapsing to the ground as the officer ran over, called for an ambulance, and began CPR with the help of another officer. "Stay with me," he could be heard saying to Adam more than once.

Sadly, Adam could not be saved and died at the scene.

Adeena Weiss Ortiz, a lawyer representing the Toledo family, said at a news conference on Thursday that the video shows that Adam was attempting to comply with the officer's orders.


"He tossed the gun," she said. "If he had a gun, he tossed it. The officer said, 'Show me your hands.' He complied. He turned around."

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, an independent agency that investigates police shootings in Chicago, released the footage after initial resistance to making them public.


However, the Chicago Police Department had no comment on the video aside from redistributing its news release about the shooting from April 1st, which called the loss of life "tragic" and said the department would cooperate with COPA, which is investigating the use of force.

The police officer who shot Adam was identified as Eric Stillman, reportedly a 10th district patrol officer.

Stillman has been placed on administrative leave for thirty days, USA Today reports.

Stillman's lawyer had something to say about the officer's "wellbeing."

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He complained that very few people have asked how his client is doing.

As per The Daily Beast, Stillman's lawyer wrote in a statement it was "amazing and disheartening" no one had asked how his client was doing.


He also added there was "irrefutable evidence" that Stillman was in the right as "all prior attempts to deescalate and gain compliance with all of the officers lawful orders had failed."

He wrote: "What is amazing and disheartening is that very few have asked about the welfare of the officer."

"Specifically there is very little interest in the wellbeing of the officer and the impact experienced by the officer who was required to use deadly force in the line of duty.

"The officer involved has served his country and his city with honor and deserves our support."

But comments like this have only been drowned out by people talking about the "kind" and "loving" young boy who's been murdered...


Lupita Perez, his cousin, told ABC News that the family is still grieving and just want justice.

"She [his mother] just wants justice," Perez reportedly said. "She just wants his name to be cleared because he did have his hands up when the cop shot at him."

Perez's eleven-year-old son Jael Cholico even wrote a letter dedicated to him. It was read out at the teen's funeral.


"Adam's life was cut down short. Adam would have done great things. I wish Adam would [have grown] old with me and Anthony. … Our kids would have been best friends. Yes, you may be gone, but you will be forever in our hearts," Cholico reportedly wrote.

His older brother Marco Toledo also added he was "the most loving and caring little kid."


"Us being little kids, we all made mistakes. Why? Because no teenager and no human is perfect," Marco told the outlet.

"No matter what, we all have our flaws and mistakes we have made as kids and still do till this day. No matter what people say, kids will be kids and will make mistakes, but will learn from them — something my little brother didn't get the chance to do."

Rest in Peace, Adam.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the teenager's family and friends during this difficult time.