Adult Film Star Kris the Foxx Dies Aged 29 | 22 Words

Adult film star Kristina Lisina has tragically died after falling from the twenty-second floor of a tower in St Petersburg.

She began working in the controversial industry after turning down a career in banking when she realized it wasn't for her. However, she had wanted "to be loved and start a family," her friends claimed.

Lisina was reportedly popular on X-rated Western sites, where she used the nickname Kris the Foxx. She also had a large following on OnlyFans. However, her friends said she recently complained of "loneliness," and wanted to start a family. She had a flat of her own in St Petersburg.

The Sun quoted Russian newspaper, Moskovskij Komsomolets, and said that the Russian Investigative Committee and police are currently investigating her death.

Lisina's body was found in the Nevsky district, near a high residential block. What makes her death more mysterious is that one of her hands contained a coin engraved with the words, "You are always in my heart." She was also seen on CCTV just minutes before her death, entering the building eating a bag of chips.

The adult entertainer's death was announced by her boyfriend, Rustam M, according to The Sun. He also solicited subscribers' assistance in paying for her funeral.

"Greetings to everyone! Kristina Lisina, also known as Kris the Foxx, died on 06/29/2021," he wrote on Russian social media. "A funeral costs between 70 and 80 thousand rubles. We are appealing to anyone who is not indifferent to contribute financially and repost."

According to The Sun, Lisina had previously explained in an interview, her reason for leaving her banking job. She said, "I moved to St Petersburg from Krasnoyarsk, worked in a bank for exactly five days, and I realized that I was not interested. I don't understand what to talk about with these people."

Lisina's death comes after another p*rn star, Dakota Skye, died last month. The twenty-seven-year-old from Tampa Bay was found dead inside a car on June 9th under mysterious circumstances. Her aunt later said her death might be down to their family's history with drugs and alcoholism. However, she alleged that Skye was bullied on social media due to a photo she shared of herself topless in front of a George Floyd mural.

Skye, whose real name was Lauren Scott, had posted the picture of herself on Instagram, captioned: "Happy #GeorgeFloyd day in #santabarbara <3 #dakotaskye equality&fair treatment for all. Dope mural."

But after facing backlash, she deleted the photo and said she was "celebrating BAD cops being checked with abusing their authority against human beings" through the photo.

After Skye's death, her aunt said: "She died almost exactly 2 years after her mother, my baby sister's, death which was caused by addiction and alcoholism. Lauren was a product of a highly dysfunctional family involving drugs, alcohol, physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse."

Rest in Peace to both Kristina and Dakota.