Three Stowaways Reportedly Fall to Their Deaths From Plane as They Try To Flee Afghanistan | 22 Words

A video showing 3 stowaways reportedly falling to their deaths while trying to cling onto planes in Afghanistan have shocked the world.

The clip, which was posted to social media on Monday, shows an American aircraft taking off while a group of Afghans stand back and watch. But if you watch closely, in the distance you can see 3 dots falling from the right wing of the plane, and they are reportedly said to be 3 men who clung onto the side in an attempt to flee the country.

The heartbreaking footage has left people speechless but has also put into perspective just how desperate the citizens of Afghanistan are to escape the control of the extremist, terrorist group, the Taliban.

Over the past few days, Afghanistan has plummeted into utter chaos after US troops withdrew from the area, which, in turn, has allowed the Taliban to gain control. The situation continues to get worse as the extremist group has seized control of the capital, Kabul, hoping for a "peaceful transition of power." Amid this dire crisis, it has been reported that the president has left his people as he has fled to the neighboring country of Uzbekistan.

There have been multiple casualties as the war rages on but 8 more people have been killed at Hamad Karzai airport as they tried to board planes filled with US troops in the hopes that they could also leave with them However, these troops fired shots "in the air" to prevent hundreds of civilians from running onto the tarmac. Witnesses have said that they're not sure if 5 of the 8 people killed were by bullet shots or a stampede.


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has remained largely silent throughout the downfall as a result of his decision to continue withdrawing troops, but on Saturday, Biden passed the blame to Donald Trump, stating that one of his previous calls allowed for the extremist group to gain more power, rather than address the actual chaos plaguing the country.

The Wall Street Journal condemned Biden's statement as "washing his hands", saying it should "go down as one of the most shameful in history by a Commander in Chief at such a moment of American retreat."

A New York Post piece also slammed Biden's choice of words when he stated that the country would bear "zero responsibility for what would happen once all the troops were removed from the area also criticizing his lack of preparation, stating: "... Any pullout had to have a plan. Not an utterly disastrous cut-and-run, with virtually no provision for the Afghans who worked with us all these years."

It really does feel like the ultimate betrayal, not just to the Afghan people but also to the men and women that sacrificed their lives during this long and bloody war.

While world leaders are discussing the next steps from their cushy little offices, the Afghans sit in their dark homes in fear, just waiting for the dreaded knock.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them, but more than that, let's hope God is too.