Amanda Bynes to Remain Under Conservatorship Until 2023 | 22 Words

Unlike Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes' conservatorship doesn't look like it will be coming to an end anytime soon...

Sadly for Bynes, a judge has signed off to continue her conservatorship for at least another year.


The former child star underwent a status hearing in her current case this week, and the judge scheduled the next conservatorship hearing for March 8th, 2023, so it seems the case will remain in place until then.

The conservatorship will need to file its next update by January 2023, according to legal documents.


However, Bynes's lawyer David Esquibias said in a statement that her conservatorship being extended to 2023 was false.

"Her conservatorship is not extended through March 2023. It is open day-to-day," he said. "A status report regarding her health and welfare was recently filed and approved by the court. By law, the next status report is due in 2 years. Her conservatorship will terminate when it is no longer convenient for Amanda."

Amanda was placed under the conservatorship back in 2013 after showing bizarre behavior on multiple occasions...


Including store surveillance videos that revealed she was struggling with her mental health.

Bynes's mother, Lynn Bynes, was given temporary conservatorship over her daughter in August of that same year after the actress set fire to a driveway...


Lynn then regained conservatorship of the actress in October 2014, and has been her conservator ever since.

Bynes has been staying out of the public eye and pursuing other interests outside of acting over the last few years...

She is currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in California while also undergoing treatment for her mental health.