This Fake Collar is the perfect way to look smart, casual and not be simmering in your own sweat for the day… | 22 Words

Sometimes you want that smart but casual look, which usually includes a fancy shirt with a sweatshirt over the top. Last summer, it became a staple of Gen Z's wardrobe when women began pairing the kook with tennis skirts to give off a preppy schoolgirl look.

Well, the worst thing about it all is definitely how sweaty you would get, especially over the warmer months! And it's hard to layer up without feeling beads of sweat run from every pour in your body. But obviously, Amazon has an answer for everything and we can say goodbye to the sweaty combo.

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This Fake Collar is the perfect way to look smart, casual and not be simmering in your own sweat for the day…


Made of 100 percent cotton, the Fake Collar provides customers with a silky smooth, butter feel. While lightweight, the material is durable, meaning you won't be replacing it after one use.

It works like any other shirt, however is only the collar and first few buttons to cover the chest area.


Two elastic straps keep it in place around the body. It comes in three colors, and you can buy them in packs of 2! You can use the collar to elevate any of you outfits, including sweatshirts, jumpers, dresses and uniforms.

Shirts can be expensive…


If you want one that is good value, won't rip or go grey in the wash or fall apart at the seams, you might have to fork out the cash in order to get one to meet the criteria. This Fake Collar is a better and cheaper alternative to expensive shirts as it's only $9!

Don't believe us? Just read the reviews!


"I think it will work wearing underneath a rounded collar, or v-neck that's not very low cut. It is extremely short. I wore it today and it is nice and crisp and stands up and looks very dressy. I don't think anyone would guess it's not a whole shirt. The picture showed it going to the woman's belly button. I would guess it goes to maybe 6 inches down your chest. It has straps that go under the arm and never once moved around and didn't pop out of the v-neck. Overall I like the look to dress up an outfit."

"I used this under a sweater. I get too hot with a full blouse under a sweater so this was perfect. It is best used with thicker sweaters as thin ones it shows through. Very comfortable straps under arms to hold in place. Glad I made this purchase."

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