'Doctor Who' Star Dies Aged 29 | 22 Words

It has been reported that Doctor Who star, Amii Lowndes, has tragically passed away. She was only twenty-nine.

Tributes for the actress have been pouring in...


For those of you that may not know her, Amii Lowndes was a British actress.

The twenty-nine-year-old has made multiple TV appearances on shows such as Doctor Who, The Crown and Skins.

After initially picking a different career path, she opted for a quick change to the arts and theatre to pursue her dreams.

She trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and she was even listed as an administrator at RADA in London as well as a former actress at ALRA.

​Many of her colleagues described her as a "ray of sunshine" as well as saying she had a bright future in the industry.

On her social media, she often shared snaps of her love for the arts, from old literature to artwork she was inspired to paint in her spare time.

Her family revealed that the actress actually passed away in June 2020, but now they want to raise awareness about the condition that took her life.

It all started when Lowndes collapsed in Bristol, after returning from her home in London last March.

Of course, her friends and family were worried as to what could have caused such a sudden reaction in her body.

It was later discovered that she had a seizure.

Her mother told The Mirror:

"Amii first had a seizure in 2018 but we only learned about SUDEP upon her death."

​SUDEP is when someone dies from sudden unexpected death due to epilepsy.

The condition finds no other cause of death is found when an autopsy is done, and some researchers think that a seizure causes an irregular heart rhythm which can be fatal for a sufferer. But as in Lowndes' case, this can be left undiagnosed due to the fear that it could also be something else that is bringing on such effects on the body.

"Both she and we would have wanted the opportunity to know that seizures, just like heart attacks, can be fatal," her mother continued.

"Nothing will bring Amii back but if we can save one other family going through our pain, it will be worth it."

​Sadly, Lowndes died due to the misdiagnosis, as a consultant told her over the phone that she probably had a heart condition rather than epilepsy.

And because of this, she was not started on anti-epileptic medication.

Now, Lowndes' family wants to work with the charity SUDEP Action in order to raise more awareness about the issue.

This comes after campaigners have said that at least 4 in 10 SUDEP deaths could be avoided if sufferers were offered the correct care and information.

In order to commemorate her, friends and family have started on a plan to put plaques on theatre seats.

RIP Amii Lowndes, you will truly be missed.