Amy Bockerstette Is the First Athlete With Down's Syndrome To Compete at a National College Championship | 22 Words

Amy Bockerstette made history after becoming the first athlete with Down's Syndrome to compete at a National College Championship.

Hailed "Amazing Amy", the twenty-two-year-old has been making waves in the golfing industry. On May 10th, at the start of the 2021 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Women's Golf Championship in Ormond Beach, Florida, she put her name in the history books as the first person with Down's Syndrome to compete in a national collegiate championship.

And this isn't the first time the youngster has made history. Back in 2017, she became the first person with Down's Syndrome to play in the state high school playoffs as a junior at Sandra Day O'Connor High School. And the following year, in 2018, she became the first person with Down's Syndrome to receive a collegiate athletic scholarship.

Bockerstette is a member of the Paradise Valley Community College women's golf team in Arizona and also participates in the Special Olympics. Speaking to People Magazine, she said competitions don't make her "nervous," just "excited."

"I don't get nervous, just very excited! I am very happy to be here," Bockerstette said. "[My] dad does get nervous, though."

She continued: "I just love playing the tournaments, riding on the bus, and meeting new friends," she says of her golfing career so far, adding that "playing at Nationals is incredible.

"I love my teammates, they are my best friends," she adds. "Golf is fun. I like putting the best."

In 2019, the twenty-two-year-old went viral after she said her catchphrase, "I got this," to 2018 Phoenix Open champ Gary Woodland.

Since then, she's even gone on to launch her own non-profit organization after her iconic line. According to the website, the charity aims to "believe in people with intellectual disabilities.

"By providing golf instruction, playing opportunities, and organized events, we strive to teach people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities to play golf, paving the way for them to compete in leagues with typical peers, join high school teams, and even obtain athletic college scholarships. Golf is a sport where everyone plays the same game on the same field. Our vision is that people with intellectual disabilities become included in those games."

Bockerstette finished up the NJCAA Women's Golf Championship on May 13th and since then, her go-getter attitude has been capturing the hearts of many around the world. This amazing, young woman is going to continue to make history so make sure you remember her name.