Animal Abusers Will Face Fines of $44,000 and Prison | 22 Words

Australia has just made the ground-breaking movement by passing a bill that will see animal abusers face fines of $44,000 and a year in prison.

Here are all the details on the new law...

This is something that's certainly been a long time coming for animal rights.


Because it's a tragic reality that so many animals all around the world face abuse and suffering at the hands of us humans.

There are individuals out there who think it is acceptable to inflict cruelty and harm upon innocent animals...

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And this is not okay.

Some people just aren't fit to own pets or be around animals.

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Animal cruelty and abuse comes in many different forms, and even the hoarding of animals is considered a form of animal cruelty.

And cruelty is inflicted on not only domestic animals...

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But on wild animals too.

They don't deserve this...

And animal activist groups such as PETA have been working tirelessly for decades to try and raise awareness of this problem and to try and put a stop to it.

​Amazingly, the support behind the animal rights movement is bigger than ever before...


And more and more governments are jumping onboard with heavier punishments for those who are responsible for inflicting animal cruelty.

Well, Australia is the latest to follow suit...


And the new law that has just been passed will ensure animal abusers won't ever hurt an innocent animal again.

People have been reacting to the news of the new law...


The new bill that has been passed in New South Wales will see animal abusers face incredibly steep fines and jail time.


Offenders will now be dealt fines of up to $44,000 and twelve months in jail for animal cruelty or $110,000 and 2 years jail time for aggravated cruelty, according to the Daily Mail.

Failing to provide food and shelter for animals will now come with penalties of up to $16,500 and 6 months in jail, or $82,500 for businesses.


Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said the bill, passed in the upper house on Thursday night, would modernize the legislation.

"These changes will see an up-to eight-fold increase in financial penalties and jail time for grubs who would hurt or fail to adequately care for animals," he said in a statement.

He went on:


"The Bill simply underscores that animal cruelty is already unacceptable in NSW, and brings down a harsh suite of penalties on those who fall foul of our robust laws."

This is definitely the news we needed today!


And we hope that more countries will soon follow suit with these strict laws.

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