Aniston Becomes a Great Aunt as Her Niece Welcomes Baby Boy | 22 Words

Jennifer Aniston is now a great auntie to her niece's baby boy, born on Friday, July 9.

Eilish Melick, niece of Jennifer Aniston, and her husband, Sean Nebbia, welcomed a baby boy into the world on Friday.

The new mom has recently shared some adorable photos of the couple's new blessing on Earth.

The mom first took to Instagram on July 12, just 3 days after her birth, to announce their son's arrival to the world.

The photo showed Eilish cradling her boy with a look of love on her face, captioning the photo: "7-9-21," to mark the date of his birth. How cute is that?

A day after making the announcement, Eilish posted some more adorable snaps of her son, whose name hasn't yet been shared.

"Taken right before his first big blowout," she captioned the photo where he fashioned a blanket embroidered with the word "love" and a cute stripey cap.

And an even cuter post came just 4 days ago, showing the newborn baby boy sleeping with the caption: "Look at my chunk."

She also recently posted an adorable photo exclaiming that she "still can't believe I have a baby."

Aniston is yet to comment on her adorable baby great-nephew. The actress' older half-brother, sixty-one, is an assistant film director in Hollywood and has a different dad than Aniston, with their late mother Nancy Dow passing away in 2016 at the age of seventy-nine.

Although no one really knows how close Melick and Aniston are, it is known that Aniston was written out of her mother's will, with family members subsequently fighting over her estate.

The couple got married in March of 2019 and have both served as Hospital Corpsmen in the US Navy.

This beautiful birth comes after a bit of a struggle for Eilish, almost going into preterm labor a whole 3 times before she finally gave birth to the little 'chunk'.

She captioned an Instagram photo: "You can't tell from these pics but I've almost gone into preterm labor 3 times now🥴 // were placing bets on whether or not I'll make it to July LOL," as her hubby gently placed his hand on her stomach as they shared a sweet kiss.

Babies make everyone so emotional! And this baby boy is just too cute.