Anna Paquin Defends Her Marriage to Stephen Moyer Following Criticism Over Her Sexuality | 22 Words

Anna Paquin has defended her marriage to Stephen Moyer after receiving criticism of her sexuality...

Now as many of us know, June has, for years now, been the month of Pride.

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Across the globe, people use June to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

But of course, not everyone has something nice to say about Pride.

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So, ahead of the month approaching, Anna Paquin took to Instagram to tell her followers that bigotry would not be tolerated.

Anna shared a picture with the text: " Hey! FYI (for those unaware) June is LGBTQIA+ pride month. So the folks who put their bigotry on display in the comments section of my recents posts why don't you hit that unfold button right now."

Alongside the caption: "...and go f**k yourselves #bipride #lgbtqiapluspride."

The actress came out as bisexual back in 2010 while appearing in a PSA video promoting the Give a Damn campaign.

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That same year, she also married former True Blood co-star, Stephen Moyer...

The couple now share 2 children, 8-year-old twins, Poppy and Charlie.

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But sadly, despite being happily married for more than 10 years now, people still feel the need to question their marriage.

And even Anna's post didn't stop some internet users from leaving more comments questioning both her sexuality and her marriage.

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But they're not getting away with their comments this time, as the actress has hit back and people are loving it...

Slamming critics of her sexuality and her marriage, Anna began by sharing to her Instagram story, a comment left on one of her posts.

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The user in the comment wrote that they were "getting tired of seeing bi celebrities consistently advocate for it only to end up m conventionally married to men with multiple children living out the so called white picket fence life."

To which Anna shut them down by writing: "Ah yes... the 'you aren't queer enough' BS."

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She then proceeded to expose another users comments.

In a post, she shared the text: "On the topic of bigots... check this out..."

A selection of screenshots showing awful comments from one user then followed.

And at last, in her final strike to critics...

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Posting another message to her Instagram feed, Anna wrote: "I'm a #proudbisexual who is married to a wonderful human who happens to be a man."

Adding in the caption: "If he doesn't have a problem with it why should anyone else?"

We couldn't agree more!