​They have instead decided they'd prefer to be called "pure blood." | 22 Words

The debate between those who are doing their part for society by having their COVID vaccine and those who are refusing has never exactly been calm. But the latest controversial trend amongst the anti-vaxxers is highly controversial...

In order for us to see the back of COVID, everyone who can needs to get vaccinated.

The problem is, there are a vast number of conspiracy theorists who believe bizarre untruths about the vaccine, and are therefore refusing to get theirs.

​But rather than keeping their opinions to themselves, the anti-vaxxers are renowned for being loud and proud.

And this week, a worrying trend amongst this group has sprung up on TikTok.

Many anti-vaxxers are trying to shake off their infamous moniker - and they have a new idea in mind.

They have instead decided they'd prefer to be called "pure blood."


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It's a reference to the Harry Potter franchise, which uses the term to refer to those who have two parents with magical blood.

However, it seems as though the anti-vaxxers have missed something important about this plotline.

The pureblood fanatics in the books and movies are references to the Nazis in their horrific quest for "blood purity."

One TikToker commented, "Funny thing is, most of the purebloods from Harry Potter were selfish and did only things that benefitted them. Crazy similarity to the Covid pure blood."

"Well vaccines don't stay in your blood so they should probably choose a better name," a Facebooker pointed out.


Wait wut

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​"Wtf! They are already full of vaccines and bacteria from their childhood. Pureblood my ass. Pathetic slogan from selfish, egotistical anti-vaxxers," added another.

What do you think of this trend?