Anya Taylor-Joy Described as a 'Woman of Color' | 22 Words

Following Anya Taylor-Joy's Golden Globes win over the weekend, fans are a little puzzled after an article referred to her as a "woman of color"...

And the explanation for it is even more complex.


Here's the full story...

Now, Taylor-Joy's win was undoubtedly very much deserved.


At the 2021 ceremony on Sunday, the actress, twenty-four, won the award for best actress in a miniseries or television film for her role in The Queen's Gambit.

In her victory, she beat out fellow nominees, Cate Blanchett, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Nicole Kidman, and Shira Haas.


She was also up for a second award - best actress in a motion picture comedy or musical - for her role in Emma, though Rosamund Pike swept up that award for her performance in I Care a Lot.

In her acceptance speech, Taylor-Joy was visibly overcome with emotion.


"I would love to thank Netflix... For letting us make the show we wanted to make. It's obviously wonderful that everyone's seen the show. I would do this project again and again and again; I learned so much."

"Thank you to the audiences that have watched it and supported the characters. It meant the world."

With this being her first major acting accolade, her fans were beyond thrilled to watch her receive the recognition she so deserves.

Many were quick to discuss her outfit, too.

For her winning evening, Taylor-Joy wore a custom emerald Dior Haute Couture gown with matching evening coat and Tiffany & Co. jewels.

​And if that wasn't enough...

Taylor-Joy topped off her look with checkered-print nail art inspired by The Queen's Gambit for total detail-oriented perfection.

However, in the aftermath of her win, there has been a new point of discussion entirely:


Is Anya Taylor-Joy classed as a woman of color?

Well, according to Variety, she is.


The magazine described the white, blonde-haired Taylor-Joy as a "woman of color" while discussing her Golden Globe's win, and fans were not at all impressed.

The article read:

"Argentinian Taylor Joy is the first woman of color to win this category since Queen Latifah in 2008 and only the fifth woman of color to win overall since 1982 when the category was introduced."

Taylor-Joy, who has Argentine ancestry and lived in Argentina for several years as a child, identifies as White Latina...

And recently spoke about how being Argentine shaped her in a video for Netflix's Con Todo account, posted in November 2020.

She also discussed her Latina identity and the "weird mash-up" of growing up in Argentina before immigrating to the United Kindom in a profile by Vulture in 2018.


​However, she never described herself as a woman of color, and has acknowledged her white privilege in that although she is Latina, she doesn't want to take roles away from non-white Latinx people.

She explained:


"I'm aware of the fact I don't look like a typical Latin person, and that's not fair. I don't want to be someone that you can just sub in for that role when I'm really white and blonde."

Soon after Variety's paragraph went viral, it was removed from the article...


And an update acknowledging that Taylor-Joy identifies as a white Latina was posted.

The actress herself is yet to address the incident.