Anyone Can Be a Hunk Without Going to the Gym With Ripped Body Costume | 22 Words

Ripped body costumes are the latest craze to go viral and they are a real game-changer...

For those who've struggled with the lack of gym action over lockdown, there's a solution.


Cover up the body you have with the body you want!

For a quick and easy way to get ripped, look no further.


These silicone suits are the way to go!

They're made from 100% medical-grade silicone.‚Äč


You can opt for just the upper body, or get a leg day in too.

Just one problem - we can imagine you'll be pretty sweaty underneath.


Oh - and they tend to cost around $300.

But hey, the results speak for themselves!


... Kinda.

Will you be tempted?

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