Artist Makes Barbie Dolls To Show What Motherhood Is Like | 22 Words

Ah, parenthood, the glamorous, and satisfying life choice... Said no one ever.

One thing I never understood, and still don't to this day, is why the romanticization of motherhood was ever a thing. Of course, children are a blessing (most of the time) and the experience is probably rewarding at some point (hopefully) but the initial pain of labor, the constant night feeds, the eye bags, and the lack of freedom is hardly persuading me to get pregnant any time soon. But when I was younger, in the movies, all I saw were these perfect mothers, one child at the hip and one on their arm, strutting through the streets like they hadn't just spent an hour trying to get the kids to put their shoes on while simultaneously wiping vomit from their own clothes. What's up with that?

Thankfully I'm old enough to understand the realities of motherhood, as most of us are, but it's time to make that reality a priority to the younger generation too. And Instagram user @allthelittledolls, AKA Betty, is doing just that in the most creative way: by using Barbies.

The Australian artist showed off a range of "normal" Barbies, rather than the standard perfect doll we're all used to seeing, and some of these dolls are moms. Not the glamorous kind either, the real everyday type of moms. Have a look for yourselves:

They have messy hair, tired eyes, and normal clothes. She also created a Barbie with a realistic-looking bump so that children can see what actual women look like, as well as a Barbie breastfeeding her child. Betty also makes custom dolls based of specifications provided by the client so a lot of her work is more realistic than the stuff we see on the shelves in toy stores.

Of course, some people had reservations about it, stating that children don't want to play with tired-looking dolls, but on the whole, most people were glad that the beauty standards, as well as expectations from women, were being changed via this creative method. We're totally here for it too!