'The Bachelor' Star Ashley Iaconetti Is Pregnant | 22 Words

Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley Iaconetti has announced she is pregnant with Jared Haibon's first child!

The couple announced their incredible news on Thursday during an Amazon Live video after posting a message on Instagram. The thirty-two-year-old exclaimed "I'm pregnant!," before kissing Haibon.

The pair got engaged back in June 2018 and opened up to Us Weekly in February 2019 before their wedding about their plans to start a family. "We want to have kids in 2020 or 2021," the Bachelorette alum said, adding that they planned for "2 or 3" children.

Laconetti said at the time: "It's really about the gender. Because I want a boy to have another brother or a girl to have a sister. But I also need to have a girl... I think that when you do the math, it equals out to 3."

After they tied the knot back in August 2019 in Rhode Island, they were under a lot of pressure from their parents to have children. "The grandmas ask the most," Haibon said.

A year later, Iaconetti stopped taking her birth control and they started trying for a family.

"We've been trying for 3 or 4 months now," Haibon said during a Clickbait With Bachelor Nation podcast episode in February. "This will be the fourth month that we've actually tried. She has her watch, it tells her when she's ovulating. She's very good at [letting me know] this day, that day, this day, this day. [I'm like], 'Alright that's good, just tell me when.'"

Haibon noted that while he "would love to have both a boy and a girl," he would like a daughter because of their female dog. "She's really dainty and delicate like Daddy's little girl, and I kind of want that in a human," Haibon said.

Sadly, 3 months after they first started trying for a child, they were still unsuccessful. Laconetti told her Instagram followers in May that Haibon was going to get sperm analysis done to see if anything was preventing them from having children. Adding: "One in 3 couples who are experiencing fertility problems are because of sperm quality. Checking your guy's junk is quick and non-invasive."

She went on to explain that she wasn't being tested just yet. "My OB/GYN a couple of weeks ago... assured me that not being pregnant after 6 months of trying is totally normal and she's not concerned at all. She said it takes most of her patients at least 6 months to conceive. She said to wait until we're a year into trying until running tests on me."

In June, she told Us Weekly that they both hoped to conceive "soon."

We wish the happy couple all the best!