Mom Sparks Outrage After Clip of Baby Getting Ears Pierced | 22 Words

A mom has caused a divide online after she posted a video of her 6-month-old baby having her ears pierced.

Marisa Carpineta regularly shares videos of her family to TikTok, but this week her video did not get the response she might have hoped for.

Carpineta took to her TikTok account, @marisacarpinetato, to advise her followers to "stop using piercing guns on your baby."

The mom suggested that if parents are looking to pierce their children's ears, they should "get them pierced at a tattoo/piercing shop" opposed to somewhere that uses piercing guns.

Alongside the advise, Carpineta including a clip showing what she did when she took her 6-month-old daughter to have her ears pierced.

The clip showed Carpineta holding her daughter on a chair while a member of staff at the shop used a needle to create the piercing in her ear lobes.

The baby wriggled her legs and appeared to start crying as the piercing took place and even immediately afterwards, she looked upset.

Although, once the piercing was over and they were out of the shop, Carpineta filmed her daughter looking happier, while writing: "happy baby."

The video has sparked a divide in opinions online as some people have argued that the baby won't remember the experience anyway.

"I'm so glad I got mine as a baby… you don't remember it so why are y'all so pressed about it," one person wrote.

Sticking up for the mom, another added: "You'll act like you'd remember being priced as a baby... cause I don't even remember."

"This comment section is ridiculous. I had my ears pierced as a baby and completely happy I was! Pain I didn't have to go through when I got older," a third person said.

While others have claimed it should be "illegal" to do this and instead, you child should decide once they're old enough.

"This should be illegal. It should be the baby's choice when they can make one. Putting them through that pain with wanting earrings is awful," one person wrote.

"I would never expose my baby to unnecessary pain," said another.

"Or don't get your baby's ears pierced at all. Waiting for mine to tell me when she's ready for her," wrote a third.

After receiving criticism, Carpineta took to TikTok in a follow-up video to defend her actions. Responding to a comment that criticised her piercing her daughters ears, Carpineta wrote: "She literally has no idea what happened lol."

What do you think about her decision to pierce her baby's ears?