Anyone Who Is Known for Their Messy Purse Needs This Organizer | 22 Words

There's a scene in Mary Poppins where she places her big carpetbag down on the table and begins pulling out objects that seem to come out of nowhere. At one point she even rummages around right to her shoulder looking for items. Well I know I've been there with my bag when I've been looking for my keys or my phone. However, this purse organizer his purse organizer means no more frustration when you can't find what you need!

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This felt purse organizer is the greatest addition you need for your everyday bag...


Made with soft and pliable lightweight felt fabric, this organizer comes in 5 different sizes so you could have 1 for each of your bags. Perfect for your work bag, side bag, or even for your baby bag.

The organizer is fitted with twelve sections and pockets: 4 exterior and 8 interior pockets...


And the interior pockets can be removed and changed, allowing you to store larger items in your bag with ease. As the pocket is completely removable with all of your accessories stored inside, it's easy to switch purses and bags throughout the day without having to reorganize.

The felt purse organizer can slide in any bag from a classic tote to a designer purse...


This is great for organizing your life with pockets for your mask, keys, phone, laptop, hand sanitizer and anything else you need. It comes in fourteen different colors including pink, navy blue, red, beige, and teal. There is no excuse to not be organized anymore so go out and be the 'mom' friend of the group!

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