Woman Claims Bar Refused To Serve Over 'Inappropriate' Shirt | 22 Words

A woman has claimed that a bar refused to serve her and her friend due to their outfits being "inappropriate."

Mollie Wood and her friend, Amy Lee, were left humiliated after a manager at a bar in the U.K refused to serve them due to their "inappropriate" bikini-style shirts.

Mollie explained the situation in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Mollie and her friend had tried to enter the bar so they could watch a soccer game and have a few drinks.

At first, the pair were allowed into the bar by the female bouncer after having their IDs checked. However, while walking through the bar, the pair were approached by a manager who asked them to stop.

"We got half-way walking through the pub when a male manager shouted for us to stop," she explained in the TikTok video.

"He said 'You can't come in here, you're dressed really inappropriately and it isn't suitable. You can't be wearing a top like that'."

When Mollie questioned his why her top was "inappropriate" she was met with the response "because that's like a man being topless and we've been kicking topless men out all day."

The pair were dressed in halter crop tops and ankle-length skirts, almost identical to the ones they're wearing in this Instagram snap.

She tried to further question the manager over the bar dress code but it came with little avail.

The pair later returned to the bar to complain about the treatment they had received, however, while speaking to staff "he turned his back to us" and "was holding the bridge of his nose and huffing."


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"I was just really embarrassed. We'd been in 4 pubs earlier that day and never been denied entry. I told him how sexist it was to compare me to a topless man. I was wearing a top. I wasn't topless," Mollie said, as per The Sun.

"I've got a larger chest. Even if I wore a turtleneck you'd still see a very noticeable shape. My b**bs are always going to show because I have them and there's nothing I can do about that," she also added.


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You can watch the TikTok above.

What do you think about the women's outfits? Do you think they were too revealing to be worn in a bar?