Bath & Body Works Has Dropped Their Halloween Collection | 22 Words

It's safe to say time is going frighteningly quickly. While it's hard to believe 2020 ever ended, we're way into the second half of 2021 already. The 4th of July has been and gone - and that means the next holiday on the horizon is Halloween. Yep, it's frightening in more ways than one.

While the fact that we're fast approaching fall is nothing short of horrifying, there is of course one upside to the spooky season. Alongside the best movies and candy ever, you know Bath and Body Works always comes through with the Halloween collection.

Well, believe it or not, the second week into July, 2021's Bath and Body Works Halloween collection has dropped. So, without further ado, let's get into the highlights.

For one thing, a brand new item we need since 2020 is the Pocketbac holder. Since we're all carrying antibacterial gel and hand sanitizer at the moment, why would you not want to make it a little cuter? Bath and Body Works has a ton of cute Pocketbac holder options - but the one from their fall collection is perhaps the sweetest we've ever seen.

Yep, that's a pumpkin spice themed Pocketbac holder. And not only that, but it's sitting right beside a Maple and Waffle flavored lip balm. Bath and Body Works truly knows how to spoil us.

Here's a closer look. Not a want but a need.

Alongside these cuties, there are new flavors to the delightful Whipped Hand Cream range. To celebrate the colder months, Bath and Body Works have expanded the range to include Strawberry Pound Cake, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, and Coconut Candy Apple. Now, who's hungry?

Now, outside of the cuter aspects of the collection, Bath and Body Works have also added a whole host of spooky additions to their fall stock. One of them, in particular, has caught our attention.

What does this mean? We have no idea. Will we be adding it to our carts the moment we get the opportunity? Absolutely.

But obviously, that's not all. No Bath and Body Works collection would be complete without a whole bunch of new candle scents - and we're so here for them.

Apparently Haunted Nights has a masculine, fresh scent reminiscent of colonge.

"Wicked Apple" is, as you may have guessed, an apple scent.

Pumpkin Carving has a pumpkin-spice scent perfect for fall.

While Ghoul Fiend is a "spooky brew of dark strawberries, ghostly peony & spine-chilling citrus."

All the Halloween range is exclusively in-store - but it should come online over the coming months, too. Which item from the collection has caught your fancy the most? Will you be making a purchase?