Mom Gives Birth to One of the Biggest Babies in 20 Years | 22 Words

A mom recently gave birth to one of the biggest babies in the last 2 decades, with the child weighing an astounding 11lbs 5oz.

Jade Bayer, a thirty-three-year-old from the United Kingdom, gave birth to Ronny-Jay Fewtrell on April 5th and quickly realized that he was much heavier than typical babies. After double-checking his weight, it was confirmed that Ronny-Jay actually weighed the same as a bowling ball. Even the midwives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital said that they had never seen a baby so big!

Speaking to Daily Mail, the mom said she had an "inkling" that this baby was going to be pretty big because her bump was much more prominent than when she gave birth to twins and that's saying something.

"We had an inkling at the very beginning Ronny was going to be big. I was big straight away, there was no hiding my pregnancy from the beginning," she said. "A lot of people were joking it was twins again because I carried bigger with Ronny than with the twins. When he was born we had to ask to double-check the weight because it was 5,000 grams and we didn't know how much that was. By the time they'd converted it even the midwives were shocked and checked it again on the chart they had."

Now, at around twelve weeks, Jade is finding it hard to keep up with Ronny-Jay's needs when it comes to food and clothing that fits. Rather than staying within the standard baby sizes, she was forced to get clothing made for 3-year-olds.

"He's doing really well now, I haven't been able to weigh him recently because it's tricky getting a space in the clinics. Now people can see him though and a lot of them say he's big and really heavy baby. But he is so chilled out, so happy, very content and I get good sleep with him."

She continued: "I did breastfeed at the beginning but I wasn't able to produce as much as he was demanding. Then we combined and I could only breastfeed for three weeks, it was just too much strain. He wanted to feed constantly so the midwives did recommend I switch entirely to formula feed because I just couldn't produce what he needed."

Jade's partner, Scott, was shocked when he initially saw their baby boy.

"He was... taken back by the whole thing, although we expected a big baby but neither of us expected this. I was quite shocked to learn he could be one of Britain's biggest babies but the midwife did say he was the biggest ever on her scales," she told the outlet.

"He's absolutely fine now and gets on great with his siblings, they dote on him."

At this rate, Ronny-Jay is bound to be a faint before he reaches his teens! We're glad to know that he and his family are doing well though.