Bill and Hilary Clinton Celebrate Carter's Anniversary | 22 Words

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn have celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary alongside Bill and Hilary Clinton.

The Clintons visited the famous pair in Georgia on Wednesday for the celebration in honor of the milestone occasion.

Hillary gave a nod to the thirty-ninth president of the United States and his wife, posting a thoughtful message on her Instagram to the couple.

"Such a joy to celebrate these two special people, and their incredible bond, yesterday in Georgia," the former first lady captioned a photo of herself and Bill with the Carter couple. "Happy 75th anniversary, Jimmy and Rosalynn!"

The Carters are officially the longest-married presidential couple in U.S. history.

On Wednesday, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library shared a black-and-white photo of them early in their relationship to mark the couple's historic anniversary...

"#75YearsAgo today these two kids tied the knot and forged a bond that cannot be broken. They are now also the longest-married presidential couple! #HappyAnniversay President and Mrs. Carter!" the tweet read.

Jimmy and Rosalynn gave an interview on Good Morning America on Monday delving into their relationship and the secrets to making it long-lasting. One of their key points was to make sure each has "plenty of space" to do their own thing.

However, the couple does have hobbies they enjoy taking part in together...

"We're always looking to do things or find things we can do together, like fly fishing and bird watching and just going out to the pond, catch a fish," Jimmy told GMA.

The Carters' devotion to God has also helped the pair get through some tough times, and keep them closer than ever. The former POTUS even explained that he often prays to feel close to Rosalynn.

"When I'm overseas and Rose is at home, we know we're reading the same biblical text, and even though we're separated physically, it makes us think about the same scripture and admonition from God, direction from God before we go to sleep," he explained. "So it helps a lot."

The couple's grandson Jason Carter told PEOPLE in May that his grandparents were planning a "big party... with a lot of their friends from over the years" in their hometown of Plains, Georgia, to celebrate their landmark anniversary.

They planned the anniversary party at a school nearby.

"We've got everything arranged so we can accommodate a big crowd," Jimmy said. "For seventy-five years of marriage, we've always gone deeper in our love for one another. I think that's a kind of extraordinary thing. Doesn't happen to very many couples, but it certainly happened to us."

"The number of things that have to go right in your life to have the seventy-fifth anniversary," said Jason. "it's a truly incredible milestone."

Congratulations, Jimmy and Rosalynn!