Bindi Irwin Shares Adorable Photos of Baby Grace | 22 Words

News of Bindi Irwin's pregnancy last year offered the Irwin family some much-needed happy news, and the internet quickly became obsessed. Since the death of patriarch Steve back in 2006, the Irwin's have continued his zookeeping legacy - and it seems the newest addition to the family seems set to follow in her late grandfather's footsteps.

On March 5th, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell welcomed baby Grace Warrior to the world. "When we first got her home, it's as if she's always been with us," Irwin told PEOPLE at the time. "It's a really strange feeling when you can't remember what your life was like before this beautiful little person. I never knew love like this before."

Following Grace's birth, Bindi decided to take a necessary social media break in order to focus on her new experience of motherhood. Although she was much missed, fans of the family could get their fix in the TV special Crikey! It's The Iriwns, which documented Grace's birth and the rest of the family's goings-on.

But recently, after a month-long social media hiatus, Bindi made her return, sharing a whole bunch of beautiful moments from the beginning of little Grace's life. "Our beautiful angel has started giggling all the time and absolutely loves nature walks, looking for wildlife with us. Can you believe she'll be 4 months old soon?! Infinite love and gratitude in my heart," she wrote.

But there's one set of photos, in particular, that has captured the internet's hearts. In a series captioned: "Our Wildlife Warrior princess. I wish you could hear all of Grace's 'Ah-Gooo' and 'Gheeeee' noises while these photos were taken. Her smile is the best part of our day," Bindi shared some super-cute snaps of herself, Chandler, and Grace all sitting in lawn chairs. Chandler seemed to agree, commenting on the post, "The happiest little moments."

It also seems that the internet agrees! "Sorry, Uncle Robert and Dad!! Baby Grace steals the show!! What a beautiful photograph!! She's the spitting image of Bindi!! She may be 4 months, but she's already part of the team!! Her grandfather left a legacy of which she'll be part, and I know she'll have lots of videos to watch to learn about him. Also, she has the best Grandma in Terri, the best Uncle in Robert, who would just give her so much love as her parents will," one Facebook fan gushed. Another agreed, adding: "It's so wonderful to see Steve's legacy being passed down to the future generations! Blessed be."

We wish this adorable family all the best - and can't wait to see more snaps of Grace in the future as she grows up in her grandfather's footsteps.