Bob Ross Pictured Without Perm and Beard is Freaking Us Out | 22 Words

Netflix recently released a picture of Bob Ross without his signature perm and beard and we're shocked, to say the least. That can't be him... Can it?

Have a look for yourselves...

The release of Netflix's Bob Ross documentary, Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed, has caused a lot of drama...

Ever since the documentary dropped last week, we've been seeing some pretty heated debates take place online.

Not only that, but fans of the late painter have taken to all social media platforms to fight against the long-standing scandal that has been going on behind the scene regarding Ross' work.

Netflix / YouTube

While Bob Ross brought us a lot of happiness throughout his life, behind the scenes, it seems as though there was a lot going on that impacted a lot of lives including his own son's.

Steve Ross followed in his father's footsteps and even appeared on his popular TV program, The Joy of Painting, but soon enough, their relationship started going downhill...

Of course, they reconciled after Bob got ill, but there were a lot of problems and it's all thanks to 2 specific people...

The Kowalskis.

According to Esquire, The Kowlaksi family has had control of Bob Ross' company Bob Ross Inc ever since he died in 1995 and also controls the narrative around his image today.

The outlet wrote of the alleged partnership:


"The back half of the documentary alleges that a combination of legal pressure, questionable ethics, and full-on bullying may have led to their ability to control the intellectual property and branding behind Bob Ross Inc. Ross, who is still a beloved figure in pop culture, has swaths of new generation fans with no idea how complicated the situation is, and thus, we have a mob on our hands. The name on their lips is Kowalski."

Even Bob Ross' own son spoke out against them stating that just before his father's death, the Kowalskis asked him to get him to sign a "memorial agreement."

"It looked to me like they were trying to get Bob to sign his name over to them," Steve said, noting that the request, which the Kowalskis reportedly reiterated over several weeks, led to an explosive argument. "You could hear him screaming, 'I'm not giving you my name.'"

The Kowalskis did not attend Ross's funeral, according to Steve. "Even worse, they tried to keep secret the fact that the funeral was even happening."

The documentary explores all these explosive relationships throughout his life and how they have now come to define his back story.

It really is an interesting watch.

But aside from all that drama, people have been focussing on something else entirely...

The release of the documentary has prompted a few old photographs of the notorious painter to be shared on social media and Netflix's recent release has probably been the most shocking of them all... These were all shots of the artist before his signature perm and beard.

People were left speechless...

Have a look for yourselves... It's pretty shocking.

Twitter went wild for it...

Here's the post:

Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure...

What do you think about the iconic painter's transformation?