Usain Bolt Says Being a Father to 3 Is Harder Than Winning Gold | 22 Words

Usain Bolt, the retired champion sprinter, has made an announcement that the Olympics was so much easier to deal with than raising his 3 children.

Bolt, thirty-four, is a proud father to 1 girl, Olympia Lightning, born May 2020, and twin boys, Saint Leo and Thunder, born June 2021.

In an interview with People Magazine, Jamaica's 8-time medalist said that having 3 children is much harder than competing in the Olympics.

"It's harder being a father of 3, of all of them, especially when they're crying," he said. "It's great, but everybody's crying. It's pandemonium in the house," he continued.

Bolt is a parent to his children alongside model and longtime partner, Kasi Bennet.

Both Bolt's parents and Bennet's have helped with the beautifully hectic life of kids as Bolt says it's "crazy" to have 3 small children.

The buzz is everywhere as everyone gathers to watch the pandemic-era 2020 Olympics, and quite a few people have been asking whether the next generation of Bolts will be living up to their father's sporting legacy.

"It would be wonderful to sit in the stands and watch any one of them just to compete. That's a high level, and even to win, it would be a dream come true. But as I said, I won't pressure. I won't pressure, but it would be a great experience as a dad, as an Olympian, to watch your kid as an Olympian, running with the Olympians."

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is the first to follow Bolt's retirement from sprinting, so we will definitely be missing a truly iconic sporting figure this year.

Usain Bolt holds 8 gold medals and is a world record holder in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 x 100-meter relay. He's the only sprinter to ever win Olympic 100 meters and 200 meter titles at 3 consecutive Olympics. Pretty impressive, right?

But when did Bolt take the fame? Well, in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt made his double sprint victory in the record time of 19.30 seconds. He then went even further to achieve a time of 19.19 seconds.

He set the world record for 100 meters at 9.58 seconds.

And, even though Bolt admits it's more difficult to raise 3 little kids than to sprint 100 meters in under ten seconds, you've got to admit, his kids are the cutest!!