Made for easy feeding, this dishwasher-safe spoon can hold 3 ounces of baby food which can be squeezed onto the screw-on spoon tip for feeding. | 22 Words

Feeding time with children can get rather messy, especially when it comes to finding your little ones pureed meals. How did it get on the other side of the room, is a question we will never be able to answer. But, what we can answer, is your prayers because Amazon now has a squirting spoon that will make feeding pureed meals so much easier and cleaner.

Check it out...

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Introducing the Boon Squirt Dispensing Spoon.


A spoon that dispenses baby food or pureed meals with just a squirt.

When it comes to using a normal spoon for feeding, there's no point even trying to be clean because it just won't happen...


Well, with this dispensing spoon it will...

Made for easy feeding, this dishwasher-safe spoon can hold 3 ounces of baby food which can be squeezed onto the screw-on spoon tip for feeding.


And once your little one has finished, the cap can be replaced and the rest can be saved for later!

It really is the perfect option for when you're on the go.

It helps make feeding time a breeze so we can see why parents have described the spoon as "a great idea."


Leaving a 5-star review, one customer wrote: "First of all this is not our first boon product and wont be our last. Boon makes babying EASY!! This spoon is great because you can add the amount of food baby needs, our baby doesn't eat the whole jar yet therefore double dipping with a regular baby spoon is a no no because of bacteria. Reason number 2 that I love this spoon is that I dont get baby food all over MY hands. The spoon itself seems easy for baby to eat off of. Easy to wash, I put the tube part on the top rack of the dish washer and the spoon part in our boon dishwasher basket. Also this product comes with a cover for the spoon with is great for the diaper bag. I think Ill order another so that when ones dirty I have a back up!!"

Who would have thought that something as simple as a squirting spoon could make feeding time so easy...


We must tell all our parent friends immediately.

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