This Boring Book Is Actually a Safe | 22 Words

Storing your valuables can be a tricky thing to master. Sure, a safe is probably pretty safe (the clue is in the name) - but also, a safe sort of acts as a signifier that there are precious items to be found inside. Luckily this safe disguised as a book has you (and your most important belongings) covered!

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One of these books is not like the others ...


But can you guess which?

Yep, that dictionary isn't a dictionary at all!


​It's an all-important storage unit to secure your most prized possessions. Because who would flip through a dictionary, after all?

It has a genuine hardback cover and paper edges, so it really looks like the real deal.


But inside, there's a secure combination lock. The small size of the "safe" means it's easy to transport, too!

The product currently has almost a hundred 5-star reviews.


"Gave this as a gift, but she was excited to get it. Apparently, she just made one herself (she cut out the inside of a book) but was super excited this one had a lock (plus she said cutting out her own was much more difficult than she realized)," writes one.

​"Nicely made, little safe disguised as a book. Just the right size to fit what I wanted to fit and blend in nicely on the bookshelf," another agrees.


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