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Now we kind of expect kids to be messy with their food, right? But there comes a time when those little ones need to learn how to be tidy, especially after you've probably had a long day already! Don't worry, we've got you with this bowl that makes it impossible to spill food!

Take a look at the genius invention below...

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Amazon is selling a spill-resistant bowl that rotates 360 degrees, making it pretty impossible for your kids to make a big old mess...


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With the bowl's anti-spill design, the inner bowl, with a 360-degree rotation, can prevent food from slipping out, even when you're holding it sideways or upside down! I think this is well and truly the answer to your prayers...

For just $11.99, this spill-resistant bowl is hard to resist!


You get to chose from blue, green, and rose-red, or you can even help yourself to a 3 piece set with all 3 colors! Why not?

Amazon shoppers have been loving it as well...


"My little one loves the freedom that this bowl gives them by not having to work around silicone flaps as the other spill-proof snack containers have. They enjoy the mechanism of how it twists and turns and the 360 degrees handle is a bonus," one person wrote.

‚ÄčAnd another person gave a comical story as she gave the bowl a whopping 5-star review... 


"I got this because my Daughter LOVES to grab her bowls and dump them upside down. So I gave it to her and the 1st thing she did was turn it upside down, shake it, and try to dump out the Cheerios inside. I laughed and said "You can't dump it out Sweetie!" My 9month old daughter stared right into my eyes with this "oh yeah?" Look of determination in her eyes, grabbed the bowl by all three compartments, turned it upside down, and dumped all the Cheerios on the floor without breaking eye contact for even a second. She never did it again and all her snacks stay inside the bowl as she toddles around with the bowl. She is 1year now and I highly recommend this product. Just don't challenge your baby/toddler to tip it over," the reviewer explained.

So, if your kids have a tendency to wander around with their food, or spill the contents of the bowl onto themselves or onto your freshly mopped floor...


Then this is the bowl for you! For just $11.99 you really can't go wrong.