Brad Pitt 'Heartbroken' Over Leaked Domestic Abuse Allegation | 22 Words

There's no doubt that when it comes to Brad Pitt, it's his relationship with Angelina Jolie that has kept him in the spotlight. But new revelations about their acrimonious split have the internet shaken today...

Safe to say, the leaked revelation attracted a lot of attention online...


With many feeling absolutely shocked.

Now, of course, Brad Pitt is a hugely famous actor.

He rose to fame as a hunky heartthrob in Thelma and Louise, but has since proven his acting chops across a range of different television and movie genres.

He's now an incredibly famous man.

And, to be honest, he's as well known for his rather messy personal life as he is for his acting prowess.

Enter: Angelina Jolie.

Brad and Angelina famously met while filming Mr and Mrs Smith. They quickly hit it off and, despite the fact that Brad was still married, they couldn't fight their feelings.

Brad and Angelina then became the power couple.

Many commented that Jen and Angelina couldn't really look (or be) any more different - which fueled a lot of drama at the time.

Brangelina became famous for one thing.

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They quickly amassed a huge brood of children, some through adoption and some through birth.

Although the pair both adopted their kids ...

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Angelina adopted them first - which has led some to suspect that the relationship may have been a little more strained than it seemed.

In 2016, Brangelina announced their divorce.

And though not all details have been released to the public, it's clear that there is a lot of ill-feeling between the pair.

Some even believe that the kids were part of the couple's issues.

Many think that Brad never wanted to be a father to such a large brood, but went along with it because of his love for Angelina.

And now it seems like the kids are stuck in the middle.

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And they've remained pretty tight-lipped about the goings-on in the divorce.

Divorce is never easy on the kids.

But Brad and Angelina are trying their best to co-parent.

And in spite of some dramas, the family seemed to be working through it.

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Until now, that is.

Alongside the pairs adopted kids ...

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Jolie is pictured here with Pax and Maddox.

Jolie and Pitt also share 3 biological children.

Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox.

The Jolie-Pitt kids are kept primarily out of the limelight.

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But this week, a new revelation has the whole internet talking.

Angelina has invoked past domestic abuse allegations in the couple's ongoing divorce settlement.

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The kids may even have to testify.

And a source close to the actor has explained Pitt is understandably heartbroken.

"There's a lot of emotion left after their marriage."

"He has taken responsibility for his actions and owned up to his past issues, he's stopped drinking."

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"The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and — like all couples — they had fights, but also shared many good times together. He has talked about his drink and drug problems during the time they were together."