Brendan Fraser Delays Interview With Fan to Finish Game | 22 Words

Brendan Fraser gave us all a good giggle when he was caught playing on a Nintendo Switch as a fan waited to interview him.

The fifty-two-year-old actor was filmed engrossed in whatever game he may have been playing, and when the interviewer appears on screen, Fraser is seen holding a finger up, telling him to wait.

The interviewer, Scott Lawrence says, "Hey," as Fraser continues to game. Someone else butts in to inform the star that they will take a picture when he's ready. Realization sets in and Fraser says: "What? Oh! Hi Scott."

After smiling for a photo, the pair begin their interview with Brendan chiming in first, asking "Hello, where are you, Scott?" What follows is a slightly awkward short conversation about Melbourne, Australia, as the pair try to find some common ground.

Fraser explains that his friend, Fran O'Connor (from Bedazzled), grew up in Melbourne, Scott replies: "Oh, wow" with seemingly no idea who O'Connor is, or really caring who she is...

After attempting to go into a bit more detail, Scott goes off subject, saying: "Yeah... well, it's so cool to meet you, buddy.

"I was hoping to ask you with the acting and everything, do you have a technique to be present and calm the nervous system and make sure you're there in the room with people or…?"

In response, Fraser explains how he tries to keep it "fun" and playing "make belief": "Breathing helps, smiling helps. Knowing that this is all make-belief and there's a reason why they call it a play, because it's fun. That and thinking, 'you know what, we're not curing cancer here, we're entertaining people'.

"Those things go through my mind... that and 'when's lunch?' Lunch is very important, you have to keep working towards something."

Commenters loved the Nintendo Switch moment and some postulated that he kept playing on purpose: "He was obviously using it as a gag."

The conversation did turn towards food, as Scott quizzed Fraser on his favorite pizza topping. The actor revealed: "I'm a pepperoni, mushroom olive pizza guy.

"And controversially, because I'm Canadian, sometimes pineapple."