Bride and Groom Slammed for Giving Guests Meals Based on How Much Was Spent on Their Wedding Gift | 22 Words

A bride and groom have recently shocked the internet after they revealed they're choosing their guests' meals based on how much their gifts cost.

Just wait until you see what's on the controversial menu...

More than often, when it comes to a person's wedding day...


Everything has to be perfect.

Whether that's finding the perfect wedding dress...


Or holding the special day in the most gorgeous venue... a couple's wedding day wouldn't be complete without these little details.

However, we all know how stressful planning a wedding can be...

And this stress can sometimes get to a person's head, creating a monster we never even knew was there.

There's a reason they're called "Bridezillas"...

Yep, many brides are often known to become very difficult when planning their dream wedding.

Even though this stress is relatively normal...


Some brides are known to take things way too far... and one couple has ruffled a lot of feathers recently.

It was all to do with the wedding gifts.


And they had a rather bizarre way of encouraging guests to spend a lot of money...

The grade of gift corresponded with the grade of meal the guests received.


Anything under $250 was considered a gift of love - meaning these guests got the chicken or swordfish.

Those spending $250 and $500 were able to choose between sliced steak or poached salmon.


While those spending between $500 and $1000 were able to access the filet mignon and lobster tails.

And those spending over $1000 got a 1kg lobster and a special champagne goblet.


Which seems like a pretty rubbish way of organizing your guests, right?

What do you think of the scheme?


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