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A bride decided to do something very unique for her wedding. Instead of asking her closest friends to be her bridesmaids, she decided to give the honor to a bunch of strangers she met on Bumble...

Even though it might sound strange...

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Now, we all love a good wedding!

I mean, who doesn't?

But planning a wedding is no walk in the park...

And it can get unbelievably stressful to create that perfect day.

You have to pick the perfect venue...

Should you go with a traditional church wedding? A regal castle? Or play it safe with a registry office and an intimate restaurant? Decisions, decisions.

Choosing a caterer...

And of course, all the free tasting sessions that go with this laboring task. How any bride fits into her wedding dress on the big day, we don't know!

And the wedding cake, of course!

Why not go a little non-traditional and choose a cheesecake? Hey, it's still a cake!

Sending out those sought-after invitations...

No honey, you can't invite your entire college football team. I am letting you invite your mom aren't I? Count yourself lucky.

Choosing the rings...

Men never seem to grasp the importance of this task. Not only does the ring symbolize your everlasting love for each other, but it is essentially a piece of jewelry that we will be wearing every day for the rest of our lives. It must be perfect.

And of course, the obligatory parties. Naked butler anyone? They are on offer 241.

More like hen and stag getaways nowadays. The last night or week of freedom when you are required to drink yourself stupid and wake up with a head full of regrets.

And a renewed sense of love for your soon-to-be significant other.

And of course, the perfect dress.

But what about one of the other most important elements of any bride?

Her bridesmaids.

Usually, the bride's best friends are a shoo in for the role, but one woman decided to step away from the traditional method of choosing and instead, invited a bunch of strangers to take the honor.

​Alexis Coffey of Texas used Bumble to send the proposals out and thankfully, everyone she asked said yes!

Taking to Tik Tok, she posted the journey so all of her followers could see.

And of course, they were thrilled but also confused...

Tik Tok

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Speaking to Insider, Coffey said people often lose touch with the members of their bridal party which made her willing to ask strangers to be at her wedding.

Tik Tok

"They become strangers, so why not make them strangers from the beginning," she said.

She ended up with 5 bridesmaids altogether.

Tik Tok

And one of them was even asked 2 days before the scheduled wedding date!

Haley was new to the area so accepted the invitation willingly.

Tik Tok

"I think it's a really cool idea to meet new people and to be part of their special day," Haley said in a video posted to TikTok.

She documented the entire process on the social media platform and within a few days, the videos were viewed over a million times.

Tik Tok

She told the news outlet "The TikToks have been really unexpected but super fun. I've met a lot of girls in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and plan to keep sharing my story of meeting new girls and hopefully attending some more weddings."

Texas isn't currently restricting weddings or events because of the pandemic, but regardless, precautions were taken.

Tik Tok

At the rehearsal dinner on Sunday, the bridesmaids all wore masks.

After the wedding, Coffey was asked if she had any regrets, but of course, she did not.

Tik Tok

"I would not have wanted it to happen any other way," she said. "Everyone we found was so supportive and friendly. It was like we'd been friends for years."

She continued:

Tik Tok

"Our favorite part of the whole experience is now we have new friends to keep in touch with," she added.

Hayley also agreed.

Tik Tok

"The best part was definitely getting to know the girls and their stories and watching a group of strangers come together to support the bride," she said. "I completely recommend people get out of their comfort zone and attend a stranger's wedding. It was so exciting and really not weird at all!"

Watch the video of them getting glammed up for the wedding here:


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