Influencer gets Death Threats After Identifying as Korean | 22 Words

A British influencer has been receiving death threats after undergoing eighteen plastic surgeries to look like Korean BTS singer, Jimin. They also "identify" as Korean.

Oli London, who identifies as non-binary and recently changed their name to Jimin, told TMZ they're scared for their life after being onslaught with death threats.

The thirty-one-year-old influencer told TMZ that alongside the death threats, they receive hateful comments telling them to commit suicide while others threaten to gun them down.

London even insists that they now identify as Korean after going under the knife eighteen times from a variety of different cosmetic surgeries - including extensive work around their eyes and a brow lift. The influencer claims most of the attacks come from liberal white people, while Republicans and those struggling with identity issues have been largely supportive.

"I'm finally Korean!" they said in a YouTube video titled Being Korean, "I've transitioned. I'm so, so happy I've completed my look. I'm finally Korean, guys: I have the eyes, I've just had the brow lift as well."

The surgeries have cost London around $250,000 over several years to make them happy with how they look.

Adopting a Korean accent in one video, the influencer said: "I know it's a little confusing, nobody has ever come out as Jimin or Korean, but this is something you guys know... I've really struggled with identity issues with who I am.

"Being transexual is the same as being TRANSRACIAL because you are born in the wrong body."

London has faced mass criticism for the move, with some comparing them to Rachel Dolezal - a white woman who memorably identified as Black.

Doubling down on their new identity, London said: "Yes I identify as Korean. Yes, I'm non-binary. Yes, I look like Jimin. But none of this should be a reason to outcast me from society, to dehumanize me, and shame me for being who I am, a non-binary Korean person.

"I will never stop being the person I was born to be!"

And to people who think London just wants attention, their response was: "Nobody would do this for attention – nobody would go through this much pain, this much suffering. I'm doing this because it's how I identify."

Many of his defectors believe he is appropriating and fetishizing Korean culture and insist his actions are inherently racist.

One person took to Twitter saying: "to the kpoppies who keep hyping him up as a 'joke' it's not funny and it will never be funny. He literally got eye surgery to make his eyes 'more Asian' and uses his platform to disrespect, infantilize and fetishize Asians on a daily basis. Racism is not a joke."

Another said: "No. Gender is a social construct and ETHNICITY isn't. Being Korean is about the DNA, culture and history and also being raised there, not claiming you wanna be them just by liking their culture and music genre. Pls stop. You went too far. We as Asians hate it."

London even created a flag to represent themselves being non-binary and identifying as Korean. "I'm sure there's many other young people out there that do identify as Korean or maybe as Japanese, and they don't have the strength or courage, or they don't know the words how to express this. And it's a very, very tough thing," they said in their coming out video.

Responding to the comments on the flag, London told Sky News: "If anyone is familiar with the LGBTQI+ community in Korea they know that this is the official flag that represents equality, pride and love for all.

"I am who I am, but my main goal is to support the Korean community and all of those around the world who identify themselves in different ways. Korea is in my Heart and my Seoul."

Do you think London's intentions are genuine? Or do you think they are being nothing but offensive and racist?