Britney Spears Feels She 'Finally Has a Voice' | 22 Words

Britney Spears is finally feeling hopeful about her future.

Her mom, Lynne Spears, recently filed a petition requesting the judge allow her daughter to hire her own attorney and not be held to the 2008 standard, and a source told PEOPLE that the singer is "doing well and staying focused", feeling like "she finally has a voice."

"She is very involved and aware of all the conservatorship developments," the source told PEOPLE. "She feels like things are moving in the right direction. She feels like she finally has a voice."

"She is beyond grateful for all the support. She is also very hopeful that there will be huge changes," the source added. "She is in constant contact with her mom - Lynne is doing everything she can to help Britney. Britney very much hopes that the judge will allow her to hire her own lawyer."


On Wednesday, Lynne filed a petition asking the court to allow Britney the right to hire her own attorney. Just after this petition was filed, her conservator Jodi Montgomery filed a petition for a guardian ad litem to assist Britney in finding her own lawyer without her needing to undergo a medical evaluation.

Lynne's filing read: "It is self-evident that before the Court addresses, for example, the termination of the conservatorship, Conservatee must be allowed to consult with counsel of her choosing."

Surprisingly, her conservator - Montgomery - wants to grant Britney her wish and is petitioning the court to appoint her a guardian ad litem "for the limited purpose of assisting her in the selection of private counsel to represent her in these pending conservatorship proceedings."

Montgomery stated on Tuesday that she would not resign as Spears had asked her to remain over a text: "I need u to stay as my co-conservator of person. I'm asking u for ur assistance in getting a new attorney."

She had said previously in her court hearing: "I would personally like to — actually, I've grown with a personal relationship with Sam, my lawyer, I've been talking to him like three times a week now, we've kind of built a relationship but I haven't really had the opportunity by my own self to actually handpick my own lawyer by myself. And I would like to be able to do that."

Britney is also known for her energetic and emotive dance clips on her social media platform, but fans took to the comments with a particular video to point out how beautifully "dark" the video was, and how it could be a reflection of what she's going through:

"There's something so beautifully dark about this. Like a music box ballerina destined to spin forever at someone else's command…" one person commented. Another person, along with many, was concerned: "Once again I ask…Brit Brit, what is really going on?"

But, with her co-conservator stepping up just a little, hopefully, Britney may actually be going somewhere and her fight against an abusive conservatorship just might start paying off.

Free Britney.