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Amazon is selling the best novelty mug to get your creative juices flowing while you enjoy your morning coffee.

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LEGO can make anything more fun, even mornings!


Well, if you're looking for something to bring fun back to the office, this build-on brick mug might just do the trick.

The mug isn't made by LEGO, but it is compatible with LEGO and most other buildable brick.


Basically, all block sets lying around the house can find a new purpose as part of your morning routine.

But it's not just for children...


The novelty puzzle brick mugs will help to keep you occupied and stimulate the mind. They're perfect for de-stressing at home, or at work.

The mugs are made of BPA-free food-grade plastic and are suitable for coffee or tea, as well as cold beverages, so they're fully functional.


Each mug also comes with "one Minifigure, one vehicle, and some random bricks (3 packs of toys in total)."

What makes the novelty build-on brick mug even better is it's only $13.99


You can order yours here.