Builder Tears Down Apartments Because Developer Owed him | 22 Words

A builder has ripped down new apartments in Germany with a digger as the developer allegedly owed him $5.8 million.

In footage captured and shared online, a yellow Volvo digger can be seen ripping into several of the newly built apartments. The digger tears down at least 3 balconies while smashing into the glass doors and windows and damaging the building facade.

The incident is believed to have occurred after the builder, who is believed to have performed work on the building, was allegedly left unpaid by the developer of the building. He claims he is still owed $5.8 million for his work.

The footage was captured by a family in a building opposite the new apartments in Blumberg, south Germany.

After causing an estimated $590,000 worth of damage, the builder eventually stopped. However, reports by the German newspaper, Schwarzwuelder Bote suggest that the rampage only finished because the digger's hydraulic hose broke, the Daily Mail reports.

Once finished, the builder initially left the apartments in his car, however just a short while later, he handed himself into the police.

Officers attending the scene of the destruction cordoned off the area as a safety precaution as there were concerns that the builder could have caused damage to the building's gas containers.

Schwarzwald TV shared the video to YouTube while revealing that the property developer claims that information in regards to payment is incorrect.

"According to the police, a forty-seven-year-old building contractor destroyed large parts of a new building complex comprising thirty-one residential units with the help of a chain-driven excavator by tearing down balconies with the work machine and massively working on the building facade all around. In the process, the man also damaged the associated garages on which there were several gas bottles. The police cordoned off a large area of the area because damage to the gas containers could not be ruled out," they wrote in the caption.

"As the reason for the massive destruction, the entrepreneur claimed outstanding payments which, in his opinion, were wrongly withheld from him. However, according to Ingo Fangerow, managing director of the property developer, this information is incorrect. Ninety-three percent of the total costs have been paid. Rather, there is another building in Blumberg, for which the costs have not all been paid. According to Fangerow, another property developer is responsible for this."

Fortunately, no one was inside the building at the time of the incident.