13-Year-Old's Bully Knocking Her Tooth Out Goes Viral | 22 Words

After being physically assaulted at school, thirteen-year-old Charlee Funes showed off her injuries on Facebook to demonstrate how bullying is still happening in schools all over the country.

Quickly, her story went viral with over 100,000 shares in just twenty-four hours to help raise money for Charlee's medical bills.

Charlee, who is from Illinois, has proven that bullying still persists in society by showing her bloodied face.

The Facebook post, which you can view here, detailed the abuse she has faced at school and it quickly went viral with it being shared more than 100,000 times in 24 hours.

Charlee described the mental and physical torture she has endured at school for months by a bully who was allegedly calling her names and pulling her hair.

​However, the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse.


Charlee explained how during a gym class, the bully got more physical with her. She claims the bully "body-slammed" her to the ground, causing Charlee to lose half of her front tooth and suffer scrapes and bruises all over her face.

Fune's family shared a post explaining the event.

"Charlee was in PE Class when she attacked her. I'm not exaggerating when I say attacked. She was slammed into the pavement face first. Charlee lost half her front tooth and suffered severe scrapes to her face. Not only that, she's traumatized. She did not deserve this. The school never even called an ambulance. Charlee was helped up by her friend in PE Class. On top of that, the girl who attacked her has several records from other schools, not including [this school]. The girl received a 2-day suspension."

​Charlee's mother Kimberly also shared photos of her daughter's bloodied face with her own comments.

"I've been debating on posting this. But bullying is real. It needs to stop. Charlee was attacked a push and trip from behind. Her face will heal her tooth will get fixed. But her mental state is not good. Please stop!! Be kind!"

A GoFundMe was set up by Charlee's sister Mary to help with the medical bills to fix the teenager's teeth and it succeeded the $10,000 goal, with it currently standing at $17,501. Mary wrote, "My sister did not deserve this. My mom is now burdened with medical bills. My sister is now burdened with trauma. She's going to be scared to trust other people. Thirteen-years-old."

The family is hoping to take legal action against the school for not doing something sooner and subsequently trying to hide the event following Charlee's assault.


"My mom met with the school's principal today. To sum up their discussion, the school is sweeping this under the rug. The principal would not discuss anything with my mom without an attorney. Likewise, we are also seeking legal help," Mary wrote in a Facebook post.

​Following the vitality of the posts, there was mass support for the family and Charlee, involving a self-defense class from Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Rener Gracie.

Within one day of sending out a public request to get in contact with Charlee, Rener Gracie was successful in touching base with her and her mother via videoconference.

During the call, Rener took note to outline the kind personality of Charlee, pointing out that bullies may often take a kind personality as a sign of weakness to pick on. He asserted that Charlee needn't sacrifice her personality whatsoever but would simply benefit from having the verbal and physical self-defense tools to back it up.

Rener offered to sponsor her for the Gracie Bullyproof Program at the closest affiliate training center near her. She graciously accepts to attend Professor Jeff Kim's school in Elgin, Illinois.

Her parent's social media state that Charlee is getting back to her normal life and doing all the things she loves, including competitive dance.

We hope Charlee is recovering well and we hope the bullies responsible are learning a serious lesson from what they did.