Burglar Falls Asleep While Robbing House | 22 Words

A home intrusion story has well and truly shocked the internet this week. Safe to say, this burglar had way too much chill...

One man has experienced the mother of all blunders.

You may think that you've made some pretty grave mistakes in your time... But, trust me, none of them will be as bad as this one.

One man tried to rob a home ...

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But then things took a very weird turn.

The internet has had a huge reaction...

The man whose house was broken into woke up and heard the air conditioner running.

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So he knew there must be an intruder.

He checked the room and saw a strange sight.

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There was a stranger curled up in the bed.

The man immediately called for backup.

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And woke the snoozing intruder...

Even weirder, the man hadn't even stolen anything.

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He'll just be charged with breaking and entering.

The motives here are unclear.

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Maybe he was just searching for a comfy bed for the night?

We all love naps, after all.

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Just, maybe not in a strangers bed?

Here's the bizarre video.

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